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Ways to Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency in Winter (While Staying Warm)

Winter can give homeowners several issues, and one of the most difficult to deal with is high energy bills. Ironically, turning the heat on to stay comfortable can give us financial pain later in the month when bills arrive. Homeowners whose HVAC systems are not energy-efficient not only face higher bills, but may not even have enough heat to stay warm and comfortable.

An energy-efficient house is crucial for balancing both comfort and finance savings. Here are tips for keeping your energy bills low this winter, from your local Northern Virginia HVAC company:


Keep the Heat off Until Necessary

One very simple way to avoid energy efficiency complications is to keep your heat off if you can. This will, of course, use much less energy during winter time and give you a lower energy bill. Stock up on plenty of blankets, and wear hoodies or jackets around the house to stay warm. However, if outdoor temperatures are extremely cold, do not suffer in your own home just to save some money. Leaving the heat off until necessary is a good way to save some money, but not at the cost of being uncomfortable. Turn the heat on when you need, but otherwise, bundle up at home.


Adjust Your Thermostat

In addition to keeping the heat off until you need it, you can adjust your thermostat for different times of the day to get the most energy savings. For example, lower your thermostat at night. Have you and your family wrap up in several blankets while they sleep, then lower your thermostat about 10 to 15 degrees to maintain energy savings. It is also a good idea to lower the thermostat when everyone leaves the house for the day. An empty house doesn’t need heat! Lowering your thermostat during less-busy times of the day will help you improve your home’s energy efficiency.


Make Sure all Windows are Closed

Windows play a large role in energy efficiency. You most likely will not be opening any windows during the winter time, but if you feel chilly at home, take a look around your home’s windows. Make sure all of them are closed all the way and no air is getting in. If you feel a draft but the window is closed, you may need to consider having your windows replaced with energy-efficient models. If you do happen to open a window during winter for some fresh air, remember to close the window before you leave the room to avoid forgetting and leaving it open.


Contact R.A. Dobson for Energy Efficient Heating

R.A. Dobson has offered heat pump installation, furnace installation, and thermostat installation in Northern Virginia since 1975. All of our heating products are energy-efficient to help your family stay comfortable while reducing your energy bills. We can asses your heating needs and install a system that will keep you and your family warm all winter long.

Contact R.A. Dobson today to improve your home’s energy efficiency this season.

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