Time for a New Heating System? Heat Pumps vs. Furnaces

Should you have a heat pump or furnace installed in your Northern VA home?

You may know that a furnace blows heat throughout your home, but do you know what really happens? Understanding the basics of how your furnace works will help you make an informed decision between whether to invest in a heat pump or furnace installation for your home in Northern Virginia.


Difference between a Heat Pump and Furnace

A Furnace is more often chosen where there are natural gas lines. Natural gas is one of the cleanest fossil fuels and is very efficient when it combusts to produce heat for your home.

The furnace turns on when signaled by a low temperature in your home. A valve opens in your furnace that allows natural gas to light burners. Once the air is hot enough, blower fans turn on sending the warm air throughout your air ducts. The gases used in this combustion process are vented to the outdoors.

Unlike a furnace, a heat pump relies on electricity and works in conjunction with your Air Conditioner year-round. A heat pump moves warm air from outside into your home in the winter and transfers heat from your home to the outdoors in the summer. Since it is moving heat around and not creating heat it uses less energy overall. Refrigerant in the compressor helps absorb and release heat as it transfers between the outdoors and your home.


New Furnace Installation vs. Heat Pump Installation Northern VA

If a heat pump sounds like a lucrative option, consider whether you want to use alternative method of heating when temperatures fall below freezing. The heat pump is not as energy-efficient during the coldest days of Northern Virginia winters. While your gas bill may seem high in the winter, electricity can be more expensive than natural gas. Newer furnaces are more efficient than old ones. Unlike a heat pump, it is only used in the winter, so will likely not need to perform maintenance as often.

If you do not already have gas lines leading to your home, installing a heat pump may make more sense. Northern Virginia is generally a mild climate, so a heat pump installation will help reduce costs for the majority of the year. There are supplemental heating sources available for those few times the temperature falls below freezing.

If you are replacing your AC as well, it’s a great time to see what alternatives and complimentary heat pumps are available. A heat pump installation generally costs less than a whole furnace installation, but again, it varies depending on the specs and your current home set-up. Also, once your heat pump is installed, it is a lot less noisy than a roaring furnace.


Heat Pump & Furnace Installation in Northern VA

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