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The Benefits of a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are beneficial for the home as they provide great quality for inside house temperatures. These thermostats are energy savers and also help you save more money when looking to invest in home-installed products. No need to install the thermostat on your own. R.A Dobson provides excellent care and assistance with thermostat installation in Northern VA.

Here are a few benefits of programmable thermostats:


Less Time Manually Adjusting Temperatures

These thermostats can be programmed to remain on a set temperature and do not have to be frequently changed, unless desired. Based on seasonal temperatures, programmable thermostats give you the option of altering the temperature schedule based on the weather. Depending on both the time of day and weather outside, these thermostats have the ability to automatically adapt its temperature settings.


Convenient Settings

A programmable thermostat means convenience! Programmable thermostats offer a variety of convenient settings:


  1. The cooling and heating temperatures can be easily set and controlled.

Programmable thermostats have adjusted settings that only need to be set up once, and automatically adjusts to the appropriate season in order to produce the best quality room temperature. In doing so, home owners are not only reducing energy levels but also get an increase in time and flexibility.


  1. The programmable thermostats we offer are Wi-Fi enabled.

These thermostats give you the ability to control temperature levels from work, on vacation, or even on-the-go. Another benefitis that programmable thermostats have a feature that allows the degrees in temperature to drop throughout particular times of the day, as the setup feature setting allows the temperature to increase when needed. You can let your thermostat know when exactly to cut the heat or when to cool via your smartphone.


  1. These thermostats allow you to freely select your preferred house temperatures throughout the day.

You do not need to worry about constantly re-setting or altering temperature once a schedule has been locked in place. The advantage in doing so is that many programmable thermostats provide four general settings: wake, leave, return, and sleep. Setting temperature levels through the day helps ensure energy efficiency and helps you save money. This makes a programmable thermostat one of the most effective and simple improvement for any home.


Saving energy

As an HVAC installation company in Northern VA, we are pleased to accommodate and set up your programmable thermostat to make your lives a bit easier. As experts, we encourage investing in a thermostat installation in Northern VA as it helps reduce the pollution in the air. Not only are you saving the planet, but you are also saving your wallet.


R.A. Dobson provides all energy efficient heating and A/C products. Switching to eco-friendly, energy-saving thermostats in Northern VA leads to saving a great amount of money on both heating and cooling bills. Our ENERGY STAR rated thermostats that are the most efficient when regulating home temperatures. Temperature programs on our thermostats can be set daily or for multiple days of the week, which allows you to worry less about adjusting temperatures.


Types of programmable thermostats offered

As an HVAC company in Northern VA, the types of programmable thermostats we provide are customized to meet your temperature needs. Each thermostat we offer includes manageable settings in temperature, ventilation and airflow quality. If your home system includes a heat pump and furnace, the programmable thermostats that we offer work with advanced heating systems. All of our thermostats are high-tech and controlled via smartphone or tablet.


Trust R.A. Dobson for Northern VA Thermostat Installation!

R.A. Dobson is pleased to replace or newly install a reliable programmable thermostat. As a Northern VA HVAC company, we dedicate the time in assisting homeowners on appliance installations. We offer a 1-year warranty and comply to the general standards costumed to fit any home. Start saving money and energy today with our $25 off thermostat installations special!

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