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Air Conditioning Installation Ashburn VA

How to Choose the Best Air Conditioning System

With summer approaching quickly, you should determine whether your HVAC system needs repairs or replacement. To help with that, the R.A. Dobson team offers professional HVAC inspection, air conditioning installation, and routine maintenance. Plus, we can assist you in finding a new HVAC system by considering the various types, sizes, features, and more. 

R.A. Dobson has served folks in Ashburn, VA, and the surrounding area for nearly 50 years. Our expert team handles water heaters, plumbing, heating, generator, humidifier, and more concerns. We believe that excellent customer service comes from attention to detail, expertise, and treating customers like family. We honor all manufacturer warranties and offer 1 year of service warranty. Contact us to learn more today!

Below, we list and describe five factors that you should consider before purchasing a new HVAC system:

  1. Air Conditioner Type

First, examine which type of air conditioner fits your cooling needs. Although we can advise you on all types, R.A. Dobson installs and repairs central units. This kind is the traditional choice for homeowners; it pumps cool air throughout a structure via ductwork. Given their complexity, central air units require professional installation.

  1. Output Size

Once you determine your particular cooling needs, start considering what size output you require. This will depend on the square footage in your home, so we suggest that you find that output number then speak with R.A. Dobson to choose the right model.  

  1. Efficiency

One of the best reasons to purchase a new model AC unit is for their increased efficiency. Older units (even just a few years old) have lower SEER efficiency ratings than the newest models. This means that you pay more for the energy spent on an old unit.

Thus, a newer model could pay for itself in your savings on repairs and replacement parts. We offer Carrier products designed for energy efficiency, air purifying, as well as enhanced cooling. 

  1. Features

Along with greater efficiency, recent-model AC units offer a variety of features for better performance. The most popular of these: smart thermostats. These devices have all the benefits of smart technology, so they can learn your AC usage patterns and adjust accordingly. You can also control smart thermostats from your phone whenever it’s connected to Wi-Fi.

Also, almost all AC units come with a “fan only” option so that you can keep your indoor climate temperate. In addition to this, they have auto delay switches that help reduce cool air waste. It’s one more feature that can help you save money on energy bills.

  1. Warranties

One further factor that you should consider is an AC unit’s warranty. Virtually all recent-model AC units carry a warranty, which ensures that you are satisfied with the product. However, warranties differ in the length of their active periods as much as their coverages. 

For example, some warranties cover entire air conditioning units while others cover certain parts in these units. Generally, central air units have greater coverage – but you should always double-check possible purchases. Of course, R.A. Dobson offers 1 year of warranty on all our work. 

Professional Air Conditioning Installation and Repair in Ashburn, VA

Use this moment before the summer heat to ensure that you have a cool home for your family. Reach out to R.A. Dobson and schedule an air conditioning installation service or inspection. We have provided Ashburn, VA, residents support with plumbing, heating, generator, and more services since 1975. Our team offers the latest efficient heating and air conditioning technology. So, call us today at (703) 481-3700 or fill out our online form for more information!

HVAC inspection Northern Virginia

3 Fall & Winter HVAC Maintenance Tips

We’ve come to summer’s end, and the yearly rituals of fall have begun (though limited by COVID). Football season has restarted, everyone has pumpkin spiced coffee, and the evening cicadas have given way to crickets. Best of all, we can shut off our AC units and their costs. 

The cooler weather calls for another kind of indoor climate control: heating. So, while switching from one system to the other, all homeowners should check the performance of both. But inspecting an HVAC system is time-consuming and tricky; instead, why not schedule a professional HVAC inspection with R.A. Dobson? Every fall and winter, our expert technicians conduct HVAC inspections across Northern VA. Our clients call for our annual service and, in the long run, save money through routine care. 

Below, we outline how our HVAC inspections work and describe the basic upkeep that your system might receive: 

Scheduled Routine Inspections

The Department of Energy writes that professional checkups and repairs can improve your home’s energy efficiency. But some homeowners like to inspect their HVAC and heating systems themselves. In doing so, they may miss signs that our trained technicians know to look for. 

We’ve described what to expect during an HVAC inspection. In brief, our technician will start by spot-checking your system for obstructions (including dust, debris, and mold). They’ll also look for signs of deeper problems such as leaks, corrosion, rust, or loose wires. 

The technician will then check air filters, electrical switches, safety switches, motors, and gas pressure. This step-by-step process catches any potential problems and ensures that your system works smoothly. 

Vital Preventative Care

After the inspection, our technician will go about basic repairs. He or she may clean and/or replace parts, especially in systems that have not been serviced for several years. 

Some cleaning, such as changing an air filter, will be carried out easily. Our technician may also use a lubricant to ensure that parts function smoothly. However, if specific parts of the HVAC system need to be replaced, he or she may have to order it and return later for installation. 

Finally, to ensure your system functions as best as it can, the technician will test and adjust your HVAC’s electricity. They will also calibrate and adjust your home’s thermostat to establish an ideal indoor temperature. You can read more about thermostat options in our guide. 

Let The Pros Handle Major Repairs

Eventually, you will need a new HVAC (or heating) system. Even if your current system has no specific issues, its efficiency will decrease with age. Plus, modern air systems’ efficiency can be 20%-40% greater than systems produced ten years ago. 

If inspecting an HVAC system feels like a chore, installing one is an outright challenge. Contact your local experts at R.A. Dobson and let us take care of the installation for you. We’ve worked in HVAC for over 45 years, and we’ll ensure that your new system suits your needs. 

R.A. Dobson: Reliable, Reasonable HVAC Inspection Service Professionals 

As the leaves begin changing colors and we move into the fall, don’t forget to have your air systems looked at. Doing so can improve your home’s energy efficiency and catch potential problems before they turn into major ones. Many residents throughout Northern VA call R.A. Dobson for professional HVAC inspection and installation. We’re happy to offer you our expertise too. Call us today at (703) 481-3700 or fill out our online form to request a free estimate.

Thermostat Repair Service in Sterling Virginia

Types of Thermostats for You to Consider

Among the primary components of your home’s HVAC system, your thermostat seems the least prominent, but also the one you interact with the most. It is essential for adjusting and maintaining the cooling and heating conditions of your home. Moreover, the past several years has seen several advances in technology going into modern thermostats, with many different kinds of features and functions that help make your home more comfortable and your HVAC system even more efficient.

Yet, such thermostats can be expensive, and knowing which ones are the best can be difficult without the right knowledge. However, at R.A. Dobson, we not only provide high-quality HVAC equipment and professional thermostat installations at affordable prices, we also openly offer our expertise to residents and commercial businesses throughout Northern Virginia, so that you know which of our products are best for your home or office. Here are some of the thermostat models that we suggest:


The prices of thermostats range from lowest to highest according to their additional functions, such as if they are programmable or remotely accessible. Programmable thermostats allow for users to create pre-set temperatures, allowing for them to easily make adjustments to their home according to various conditions, such as weather, season, and the time of day. Remote accessible thermostats are an element of smart home innovations, allowing for you to adjust your thermostat from almost anywhere outside your home, such as at work, on vacation, etc.

Our Products: 

Comfort™ Non-Programmable Thermostat

These are our more cost-efficient models, offering the essentials, such as an electronic touchpad for simple adjustments, a large display for a clear reading of current room temperature, and easy to learn instructions printed inside the door. Comfort™ Non-Programmable Thermostat is the most basic of our thermostat packages that offers the latest in thermostat technology at a highly affordable cost. 

Performance™ Edge® Programmable Thermostat

These sleek thermostats are not only more advanced, they’re also admired for their design, blending well into households fashioned with modern décor styles. Both their function and appearance are customizable, with several faceplate color options for you to choose from, and a program function that allows you to set your HVAC system settings to a certain temperature whenever you please. The Performance™ Edge® Programmable Thermostat makes your home look both sophisticated and advanced, while also making it easier for your utilize your heating and cooling systems as you please. 

Infinity® Remote Access Touch Control

The most advanced thermostat that we offer, with a number of capabilities, such as consistent control over your home’s temperature, humidity, ventilation, airflow, and indoor air quality. It is also Wi-Fi enabled, giving you remote accessibility and allowing you to manage your home’s HVAC system from anywhere outside your home through the Internet, as well as Apple and Android devices. The Infinity® Remote Access Touch Control thermostat offers the best experience in HVAC control and accessibility.

Get an Affordable Thermostat Installation from R.A. Dobson of Northern Virginia

At R.A. Dobson, we offer products to fit every individual’s budget, with a focus on providing those of the highest quality to as many customers as we can. Whether you want to have a basic thermostat, to the more advanced models that are programmable, and Wi-Fi enabled, our desire is to use our supply sources within the HVAC industry to provide you with the best prices possible. Our business has worked for over forty years providing expert services, such as plumbing repairs, water heater replacements, and efficient thermostat installations, for residents and businesses throughout Northern Virginia. 

Contact us at 703-481-3700 for a free estimate and to schedule your next appointment with one of our professionals. Don’t forget to check out our thermostat installation coupon!  

Thermostat Repair Service in Sterling Virginia

Stay Cool This Summer! Signs You Need An Air Conditioning Repair or Replacement

As we approach warmer, more humid weather this summer, your air conditioning unit becomes your best defense against the heat. However, if your air conditioning unit isn’t performing it’s best, it can mean for higher energy bills and a hotter home. If you notice any of the signs listed below, contact the professionals at R.A. Dobson for air conditioning installation in Northern Virginia.

R.A. Dobson has served residents of Northern Virginia for over 40 years, providing installation, repair, and replacement services in heating, plumbing, air conditioning systems. Below are the signs that your air conditioning unit isn’t in optimal condition:

Not Cooling

air conditioning repair Northern VA

If your air conditioning unit starts to blow warmer air during the summer, you need to have a professional, like R.A. Dobson, come out to repair it. We can quickly detect the issues with your cooling system and provide custom solutions that work alongside your budget.

Little Air Coming Out

If you turn your air conditioning unit on and you feel cool air, but it’s just not coming out of your vents strong enough or not circulating through the room. It can be a sign the air conditioning unit is failing or there are issues with your ducts.

Loud Noises

air conditioning unit installation Northern VA

If you hear squealing, grinding, or scraping coming from your air conditioning unit when it’s on, there could be a problem inside the unit with a belt slipping out of place.

This is a serious issue, call your local experts at R.A. Dobson because these loose pieces can damage the other parts of the unit and can become costly.

High Levels of Humidity

Air conditioners also work to reduce the humidity in your house. If you start noticing an increase of humidity inside your house even when the air conditioning is running, it may require a repair.

Broken Thermostat

air conditioning installation Northern VA

When your air conditioner runs for short periods, you may notice it never gets cool enough before it turns itself off. This may indicate that your thermostat has broken and is no longer accurately gauging the temperature in your home.

You’ll want a trained technician from R.A. Dobson to take a look at it since there are complex electrical components involved with the thermostat.

High Electric Bills

Has your power bill suddenly increased? This could be a sign your air conditioning unit needs to be repaired or replaced. There could be multiple causes for this such as leaks in your air conditioning’s ductwork, a broken thermostat switch, or the advanced age of the unit.

Regardless of the source of the trouble, the air conditioning unit will need to be repaired or possibly replaced.

R.A. Dobson: Professional Air Conditioning Installation in Northern Virginia

Guarantee your home is comfortable and cool all summer long by getting an air conditioning installation from our trusted team at R.A. Dobson in Northern Virginia. For over 40 years, R.A. Dobson has been helping residents in the Northern Virginia area enjoy total indoor air comfort in their homes and businesses. Our fully-trained staff is cross-trained in all aspects of our business, to guarantee a transparent relationship between us and our clients.

Contact us at (703) 481-3700 to keep your home comfortable this summer.