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Stay Cool This Summer! Signs You Need An Air Conditioning Repair or Replacement

As we approach warmer, more humid weather this summer, your air conditioning unit becomes your best defense against the heat. However, if your air conditioning unit isn’t performing it’s best, it can mean for higher energy bills and a hotter home. If you notice any of the signs listed below, contact the professionals at R.A. Dobson for air conditioning installation in Northern Virginia.

R.A. Dobson has served residents of Northern Virginia for over 40 years, providing installation, repair, and replacement services in heating, plumbing, air conditioning systems. Below are the signs that your air conditioning unit isn’t in optimal condition:

Not Cooling

air conditioning repair Northern VA

If your air conditioning unit starts to blow warmer air during the summer, you need to have a professional, like R.A. Dobson, come out to repair it. We can quickly detect the issues with your cooling system and provide custom solutions that work alongside your budget.

Little Air Coming Out

If you turn your air conditioning unit on and you feel cool air, but it’s just not coming out of your vents strong enough or not circulating through the room. It can be a sign the air conditioning unit is failing or there are issues with your ducts.

Loud Noises

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If you hear squealing, grinding, or scraping coming from your air conditioning unit when it’s on, there could be a problem inside the unit with a belt slipping out of place.

This is a serious issue, call your local experts at R.A. Dobson because these loose pieces can damage the other parts of the unit and can become costly.

High Levels of Humidity

Air conditioners also work to reduce the humidity in your house. If you start noticing an increase of humidity inside your house even when the air conditioning is running, it may require a repair.

Broken Thermostat

air conditioning installation Northern VA

When your air conditioner runs for short periods, you may notice it never gets cool enough before it turns itself off. This may indicate that your thermostat has broken and is no longer accurately gauging the temperature in your home.

You’ll want a trained technician from R.A. Dobson to take a look at it since there are complex electrical components involved with the thermostat.

High Electric Bills

Has your power bill suddenly increased? This could be a sign your air conditioning unit needs to be repaired or replaced. There could be multiple causes for this such as leaks in your air conditioning’s ductwork, a broken thermostat switch, or the advanced age of the unit.

Regardless of the source of the trouble, the air conditioning unit will need to be repaired or possibly replaced.

R.A. Dobson: Professional Air Conditioning Installation in Northern Virginia

Guarantee your home is comfortable and cool all summer long by getting an air conditioning installation from our trusted team at R.A. Dobson in Northern Virginia. For over 40 years, R.A. Dobson has been helping residents in the Northern Virginia area enjoy total indoor air comfort in their homes and businesses. Our fully-trained staff is cross-trained in all aspects of our business, to guarantee a transparent relationship between us and our clients.

Contact us at (703) 481-3700 to keep your home comfortable this summer.

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