4 Important Plumbing Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Winter weather can cause major problems for your plumbing system, so get proactive and start preparing for the season. Basic steps like shutting off your outdoor water and sprinkler systems ensure that your plumbing keeps functioning. Additionally, you should knock out any plumbing installation services that you need before the upcoming winter. 

RA Dobson is among the top indoor-air comfort providers in Northern Virginia. We offer numerous services to both homeowners and businesses throughout the area. Our company has operated for over 45 years, so our team has the experience and knowledge necessary to fulfill nearly any plumbing, heating, and cooling needs you may have. We work year-round and will respond to any emergency needs that may arise.

Below, we provide a few tips to prepare your plumbing and water system for the upcoming winter:   

  1. Shut Off The Outdoor Water

One of the most important things you can do before winter comes is shut off the water lines to your outdoor water system. These may include spigots for hoses, your irrigation system, or any other water features. 

When water lines are left open, water sits in their pipes, which may freeze and potentially crack the pipes, causing leaks or burst pipes. After shutting off the water lines for outdoor faucets, open the faucet valves to flush out any excess water.

  1. Insulate Your Pipes

We also recommend getting your indoor pipes insulated, particularly those exposed in unheated areas such as your garage, attic, or basement. Though it may seem like a stretch to do this, it is a useful way to keep your home water system working efficiently through the winter.

Temperature radiates through objects, and in this case, cold temperatures will transfer from outside to inside through your pipes. Insulating them helps counter this effect and ensures your home and water system remain intact throughout the winter. 

It also ensures that your water heater doesn’t have to work extra hard to produce warm water for your home when you need it. This can end up providing you with the benefit of having lower energy costs than usual during the winter months. With a professional plumbing installation, you’ll get perfectly insulated pipes before winter comes.

  1. Check & Reseal Rim Joists

Another way to keep the cold out is to make sure any openings around your pipes are properly sealed. There will usually be a pipe leading out of the room or outside your home. 

Additionally, check every nook and cranny for any wires, cables, and additional pipes that lead outside your home. Make sure they are sealed up and insulated to fully prevent air leakages.  

Of course, it’s difficult to do this unless you know where to look, which is why many work with home service professionals like RA Dobson.  

  1. Leave Sink Cabinet Doors Open

Finally, one effective way to keep your kitchen or bathroom water from freezing over is to open up the sink’s cabinet doors. The water and drainage pipes within those cabinets may never receive any warmth emitted from your home’s heating system. After all, they’re covered up by the cabinet doors. 

Opening them up helps regulate the temperature of your pipes to that within the rest of your house, ensuring they don’t freeze over and work effectively throughout the winter. 

RA Dobson: Expert Plumbing Installation in Northern Virginia

Those are just some of the things you can do to keep your home plumbing system intact through the winter. Furthermore, you should also have any prominent plumbing installation or repair services performed before winter weather sets in. Therefore, look for an established home appliance company like RA Dobson to help you maintain your plumbing, heating, and cooling. With over 45 years in business, our team knows what it takes to provide the best service for all your needs. Contact us at (703) 481-3700 to learn more about our services and get a free estimate.

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