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How UV Light Installation Provides Cleaner Air in Your Home

When you think of improving your home, one of your first concerning thoughts is probably increasing safety measures. However, another important aspect you might overlook is the air quality. The cleanliness of the air within your house can heavily impact your health so it is imperative that you monitor the air quality in your home. If left unattended, your HVAC system will be prone to foster harmful mold along with other bacteria. Consider working together with professional air cleaning experts to prevent this from happening.

One way to eradicate and prevent these dangerous contaminants is to install UV lighting into your existing HVAC system. Ultraviolet lights help kill bacteria and keep the air in your house clean. At R.A. Dobson, we are known to provide quality air cleaner installations in Northern Virginia. We also specialize in utilizing UV lights to purify the air. As relevance matters to you and it matters to us, we offer the latest in energy-efficient heating and AC technology. Staying informed is important, so here is how UV light installation will help your HVAC system improve the air quality in your home.

1. Reduce Bacteria Build Up

When HVAC systems are neglected and left unattended, they collect and spread bacteria throughout your whole house. This bacteria has a very high correlation with the wellness of homeowners like yourself. The dirtier the air is within your house, the more likely you are to experience symptoms and catching diseases like the flu. By adding UV lights to your HVAC system, you will have noticeably healthier air within days.

2. Eliminate Unpleasant Odors

Dirty air often has a pungent scent to it. By eliminating mold from your HVAC system, you will also eliminate the undesirable odor that it produces. After installing UV lights into your HVAC system, you can expect to be pleasantly surprised with the clean scent you are left with.

3. Reduce Electricity Costs

When it comes to reducing energy costs, strategic placement of these UV lights can make an incredible difference. Just because you are adding UV lights to your HVAC system, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use more electricity. Placing the UV lights on the unit’s condenser coil will help maintain a cleaner coil, therefore improving cooling efficiency and reducing electricity costs.

Professional Air Cleaner Installations in Northern Virginia

Installing UV lights in your HVAC system requires professional installation to avoid costly mistakes and injuries. To ensure proper installation and functionality, hire a professional like R.A. Dobson. Our family-owned business has over several decades worth of experience that you can trust. Opening our doors in 1975, we have always made it our goal to prioritize customer satisfaction while providing the highest quality of air cleaner installation service throughout Northern VA.

Contact us today at (703)-481-3700 to stop bacteria in its tracks by adding UV lights to your HVAC system.

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