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How to Winterize Your HVAC System

As the colder months arrive in full force, you may be turning up the heating in your home to stay cozy. To ensure your heating and air conditioning system is adequately functioning, you want to be sure you are up to date with any HVAC maintenance and repairs. While winterizing your HVAC system can be a challenge, hiring an HVAC professional to find issues before they worsen will allow it to last longer and run more smoothly.

The best way to ensure your HVAC system is working to the best of its abilities is by hiring a professional from R.A Dobson in Sterling, VA to thoroughly inspect it for you. For over 40 years, our team has provided quality HVAC inspection services to homeowners in the Northern Virginia area to ensure they experience ultimate comfort in their home year round. To help keep your HVAC system running efficiently during the colder months, here are a few ways to winterize it:

Cleaning Your Air Filter

Dirty air filters can make your HVAC system work harder than necessary to heat your home as it drives up heating bills and lowers the efficiency of your winter heating. Make it a routine each month to clean the dust and dirt off your air filters. Depending on how bad the dirt build up is, you may need to consider periodically replacing your filters.

Clean Air Vents

Dust can also build up in your HVAC system’s vents causing blockages and affecting air quality. Cleaning them out yourself can be trickier than it seems, but without routine cleaning, the dirt, dust, and grime can begin to affect your HVAC’s ability to heat your home. For cleaning out your HVAC vents, you may want to consider hiring professional help, as they would have the proper equipment and experience to do it quickly and safely.

Additional Insulation

Insulation plays an important role in the efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling. Replacing existing insulation or adding more can greatly improve the amount of heat your home retains. Keep in mind attics, crawl-spaces, and other similar spaces in your home are more prone to leaks or damage and may require insulation the most.

Programmable Thermostat

Replacing your current thermostat with one that can automatically regulate the temperature in your home can greatly increase the heating and cooling efficiency throughout your living space. This will allow you more energy savings while ensuring your HVAC system is functioning as it should.

Hire R.A. Dobson for All of Your Professional HVAC Needs This Winter!

As the season gets colder and the snow starts to pile up, don’t add a faulty HVAC system to your list of worries. Let a trusted heating and air conditioning company in Northern Virginia keep your home’s HVAC system running efficiently to make sure it withstands the weather extremes of each season. You can rely on the years of experience our team at R.A. Dobson in Sterling, VA has to take care of all your HVAC-related needs.

If your HVAC system is in need of repair or replacement, contact us at 703-481-3700 for more information. Don’t wait with winter already in full swing!

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