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Benefits of Changing Your Home Water Fixtures

You may not consider water fixtures–sinks, bathtubs, faucets, or showerheads–as the most significant aspect of your home, they have a crucial function: distributing and draining water throughout the house. Yet if they are outdated, they may be less than efficient and dysfunctional. At that point, you should hire an expert faucet installation service like RA Dobson. 

We offer premium fixtures as well as excellent installation and maintenance services at affordable rates. Our team is dedicated to providing these services to clients throughout Sterling, VA, and Northern Virginia. We’ve served residents and businesses across the region for over 45 years, making us among the most experienced and well-trained plumbing, heating, and cooling service providers around. 

4 Benefits of New Water Fixtures   

  1. Higher Efficiency 

One of the greatest benefits of a late model water fixture is increased efficiency. New toilets, sinks, and faucets use less water than their older counterparts, which tend to leak. 

Newer models are incredibly efficient and conserve more water, which results in less being wasted and lower amounts on your monthly water bills. All this by simply updating your current fixtures for new ones. 

  1. Cool Features 

Newer fixtures also have advanced features that increase their functionality and ease of use. For example, Grohe–a high-quality water fixture brand–has produced a new type of control system for sinks: a foot-activated water faucet. This feature provides greater accessibility and ease for those that have difficulties with traditional faucet controls.

If you want a new faucet or another water fixture, consider ones with advanced features—you may be surprised at what’s available.

  1. Greater Appeal

Exchanging old fixtures for new ones doesn’t have to be a decision based on utility and function alone. Your fixtures also constitute a part of your home’s interior decoration. Newer fixtures not only look nicer and more polished than old ones but also come in various styles and colors.

Consider adding a stainless steel sink with a matching faucet to make your kitchen look more like a professional-grade restaurant. You might also use copper fixtures in your bathrooms to embellish a classical art-deco style. 

When looking to install new fixtures, talk to a professional about the options they have. They’ll not only provide a range of choices for you to choose from, but they’ll also help make sure you pick the ones that will properly fit into your system and last you for years to come.      

  1. Increased Home Value

Finally, among the most significant benefits changing your water fixtures will do is increase the market value of your home. This is because much of a home’s value is based on its appearance, function, and efficiency. 

Homebuyers are more likely to view a house on the market as highly-priced if its interiors, including its home appliances and fixtures, are more up-to-date. 

To them, it means buying your home at a higher price offsets the amount they would soon pay for repairs and maintenance if they were to purchase a house with older fixtures. As many would say, small things often make a big difference. 

Therefore, if you are thinking of selling your home soon, consider calling on a professional faucet installation service to provide you with new water fixtures in your house and easily raise your home value.  

RA Dobson: Faucet Installation Services Available in Sterling, VA 

Getting a set of new water fixtures installed provides many different benefits to you and your home’s water system. To get the best fixtures available, as well as skilled faucet installation and plumbing maintenance services, hire a professional from RA Dobson. Our company is among the most experienced in the HVAC and plumbing industries with trained and qualified professionals serving numerous residents and businesses all across Sterling, VA, and Northern Virginia. Contact us today at (703) 481-3700 and find out how we can help improve the quality of your home’s indoor cooling, heating, and water systems.