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Does Your Home Need A Sump Pump Installation?

With the warmer seasons often comes stronger storms and heavier rainfall. This could mean trouble for many homeowners, as numerous homes have poor or ineffective drainage systems in their homes, leaving their basements prone to flooding. Having a drainage expert perform a reliable sump pump installation is one way to secure your home from basement floods and the resulting water damage.

Our team at R.A. Dobson are highly-qualified in setting up durable and efficient drainage systems, especially sump pumps. We also specialize in a variety of repair and other installation services for plumbing, heating, and air conditioning appliances, such as water heaters, air conditioners, and thermostats. Our staff is also regarded for their intent on ensuring the highest satisfaction to our customers through their readiness in providing solutions and willing generosity.

Below we provide some insight into what a sump pump is and why you may need one for your home:    

What is a Sump Pump?

A sump is a small pit beneath the floor of your basement that was dug for the purpose of collecting the excess water surrounding your home’s foundation during, for example, a heavy rainstorm. Simply put, a sump pump sends that water out of the sump and away from your home’s foundation through a series of pipes. This prevents excessive amounts of groundwater from causing damage to your foundation and protects your basement from flooding.

Sump pumps come in a variety of different models, each with their own specific level of output, or rather, how efficiently it moves water. The greater distance a pump has to force water flow upwards, the less water it can move away from the house over time. They use electricity to operate, which can be an issue, since they operate in or near water, and are needed most during heavy storms that often result in power outages. Thus, you may require adding to the outlet that connects your sump pump, such as a ground fault circuit interrupter (GCFI), as well as a back-up power source in case of an electrical failure.

Signs You May Need A Sump Pump

Your Home Stands at a Low-Point

It’s well known that water flows toward the lowest point, hence why habitable land is above sea level. What’s important to remember is that if your house has been built on a decline, or at the foot of a hill or other heightened surface, then it is likely vulnerable to flooding. Rain and groundwater will flow towards your home, collecting around it’s foundation, creating cracks in it, and eventually flooding your basement.

Previously Flooded Basement

This is the most obvious sign for needing a sump pump installed. Moreover, not only should you get one in the event of flooding, but also if you notice an abundance of moisture, such unusual humidity or damp spots in your walls. This indicates that your home is in such a condition that it is close to flooding and requires water to be displaced from the foundation.

Less-Than-Mild Climate

If the yearly climate surrounding your home involves severe thunderstorms and heavy snowfall, it will be wise to invest in a sump pump. Winter weather is a particular issue, as that is when the water table, the level of water beneath the ground, is at its highest. A high enough water table may rise above or close enough to your foundation to cause significant damage and flooding but could be safely displaced by a sump pump.

R.A. Dobson: Efficient Sump Pump Installations in Sterling, Virginia

It is important to consider installing a sump pump in your home, especially if you’ve noticed the signs previously mentioned. It could be integral to your home’s drainage system and can help prevent the risk and expenses of water damage. At R.A. Dobson, we can help provide you with a number of choice sump pumps and can help you decide which is right for your home. Our experts will also provide you with a fast and efficient sump pump installations with professional, friendly customer service. Our services also include a installing other important appliances, such as heaters, furnaces, and air conditioners, as well as repair and maintenance services for plumbing and HVAC systems.
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