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A Guide To Your HVAC System

“HVAC” stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, and an HVAC system is what heats and cools your home. During cold seasons, you rely on the furnace portion of your HVAC system. And during warmer months, you rely on the AC. But to keep both systems running, invest in a professional HVAC inspection service that checks all their basic parts. 

RA Dobson offers the best repairs, installations, and inspection services for HVAC systems in the area. We can help you save 60% on your energy bills with our highly efficient systems. Residents of Ashburn, VA, and the surrounding area trust our HVAC inspections and other services

Below, we explore the 8 basic parts of a typical HVAC system:

1. Thermostat

You can think of the thermostat as the “brain” of your HVAC system. It contains a thermometer that gauges the system’s running temperature against your home’s interior temperature. To match the two, the system turns on the furnace or air conditioner so that your home reaches the desired temperature.

2. Furnace and Blower Motor

Next is the furnace, a relatively large unit distinct from the AC that demands its own space in the basement, attic, or closet. A fuel source – such as natural gas, oil, or electricity – heats the air that comes into it. Then, an attached blower motor distributes the air through ducts to the rest of the house. The motor also pulls in cool air from the house to start the process over again.

3. Heat Exchanger

A heat exchanger is a device that transfers heat from one medium to another. If your furnace uses oil or gas, burners accomplish the heating. If it runs on electricity, electric coils heat the air. As the heat exchanger warms up the air, heat transfers to the metal walls. The air heats up quickly and then is distributed throughout the home. 

4. Evaporator Coil

An evaporator coil is the internal portion of a split-system air conditioner. It absorbs heat from the air in your house so that only cool air remains.

5. Condensing Unit

The condensing unit is a big metal unit that sits outside your house and expels the heat from the interior to the exterior.

6. Refrigerant Lines

Refrigerant lines make air conditioning possible. Made of copper and aluminum, and run between the condensing unit and evaporator coil. They are responsible for carrying the refrigerant between the condensing unit and the evaporator coil.

7. Ductwork

Ductwork includes all the metal passages that deliver and move the air. They should be sealed and insulated to prevent major temperature shifts. 

8. Return and Supply Registers

These are covers that fit over the ductwork ends. They allow air out of and into the HVAC system. They are typically located on the ceiling, walls, and floors depending on the ductwork layout. 

HVAC Inspection Now Available in Ashburn, VA

HVAC systems are the foundation of your home’s air quality and comfortability, yet they contain a lot of nuances and parts. So, let the RA Dobson team help you manage your HVAC system with an HVAC inspection service. Our employees are well trained and knowledgeable about HVAC systems and can help you to keep them working properly. We offer the latest energy-efficient systems in heating and air conditioning. Contact us today for an inspection and receive a free estimate or call us at (703) 481-3700 for more information on how we can help you feel comfortable in your home.

Duct Cleaning Service Ashburn VA

Reasons to Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

The phrase “air ducts are the lungs of your home” illustrates the role that your HVAC system plays. It also suggests the crucial benefits that clean air ducts provide: reduced allergy symptoms, improved energy efficiency, and more. So, if you’ve neglected to invest in a professional duct cleaning service, reach out to R.A. Dobson now. 

Our service company has served Ashburn, VA, and the surrounding area since 1975. We are committed to helping homeowners and businesses with water heaters, plumbing, HVAC, furnaces, air cleaners, and more installation services. Plus, by honoring all manufacturer warranties and providing exceptional customer service, we help to support our community. Visit our website now to learn more about our exclusive online coupons

Below, we list some questions to determine your air ducts’ condition as well as a rationale for getting them cleaned:

Some Initial Questions

To begin, investigate whether your air ducts have ever been cleaned before. If you can’t find out, assume that they have not. Also, note whether dust covers surfaces that you clean frequently. Dust that accumulates in ductwork can spread throughout a structure due to airflow.

Furthermore, ask yourself: do your allergy symptoms increase when you turn the AC on? Or – if you suffer from asthma – does your condition worsen even though you’re taking your medicine? Your health can indicate the amount of dust is present in the air. 

Beyond dust, a few other things can contaminate your air ducts. Mold, rodents, and pests can live and grow in ductwork – they all pose health risks to your home’s occupants. Simply removing such contaminants is a strong reason to have your ducts cleaned. 

Why You Should Have Air Ducts Cleaned

Beyond removing pollutants, you should have your air ducts cleaned to: 

  1. Reduce allergies
    While you may work hard to keep out pollen, dust mites exist at much higher levels indoors than out. They get caught in your home’s airflow, circulating through the ducts and triggering residents’ allergy symptoms.

    Allergy symptoms should lessen once the air ducts are clean. Plus, removing dust from your house’s airflow should result in less dust falling on indoor surfaces. This is why we suggest putting air ducts on your spring cleaning list.
  2. Reduce the air pollutant level
    Besides dust, air ducts can host several other contaminants. These may include invasive visitors (such as the mold, rodents, and pests mentioned above) as well as chemicals. For instance, gas arising from a paint stripper in one room may circulate throughout a structure.

    In the US, adults spend a lot of their time indoors – up to 90% of it. Thus, cleaning air ducts helps to provide healthy indoor air and influences their health.
  3. Save money on bills and repairs
    If your home’s air ducts have never been cleaned, a build-up of dust and contaminants may undermine your system’s performance. And that reduced efficiency creates higher energy bills. Furthermore, regular cleanings help to avoid malfunctions by catching mechanical problems early.

    Investing in a duct cleaning service, then, pays for itself in the long run. You can enjoy improved cooling capabilities, which place less strain on the HVAC system. Plus, you can avoid expensive repairs and/or system replacements.
  4. “Refresh” your space
    Finally, you should always have a professional duct cleaning when you move into or out of a house. Doing so “refreshes” it, which benefits the home’s new residents by removing any built-up dust. Furthermore, since moving in and out can kick up quite a bit of dust, cleaning pulls it out of circulation.

Efficient Duct Cleaning Services Available for Ashburn, VA, Homes and Businesses

If “air ducts are the lungs of your home,” give them the best possible services. Call R.A. Dobson for professional duct cleaning service as well as plumbing, heat pumps, air handlers, and more. We’ve provided top-notch service work to Ashburn, VA, residents for almost 50 years, keeping their homes in good working order. So, call us today at (703) 481-3700 or fill out our online form for a free estimate request.

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Benefits of Scheduling a Routine HVAC Maintenance Check

Whether you are sitting at home, cozying up with a hot chocolate in the chilly winter weather or inside cooling off from the hot summer sun, a well-maintained heating and cooling system in your Northern VA home can make a difference when it comes to in-home comfort. However, it’s also important to remember to check on your HVAC system for the seasons in between as well. 

You should plan to schedule an HVAC maintenance check at least twice a year in the fall and in the spring. Ideally, your maintenance checks should be scheduled before your HVAC system is used more frequently in the winter and summer seasons. At R.A. Dobson, we handle HVAC maintenance in Northern VA and can ensure the proper steps are taken to have your home ready for inclement weather conditions at any time throughout the year.

There are many benefits that come with a service contract, including: 

Longer HVAC System Lifespan

By regularly servicing your HVAC system, your team of professionals can put you and your family at ease. Experts can inspect your system and check up on any repairs that may save you from having to buy a whole new unit. 


There are potential threats that come with an HVAC system that could affect you and your family’s health and wellbeing. By scheduling a maintenance check, you can avoid such issues. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so if there is any question you may have an issue with the system, contact an expert immediately. 

Savings on Energy Bills

Your energy bills are greatly impacted by the status of your HVAC system. If it looks like you are being charged too much (or even too little) on your energy bill, having your unit inspected can save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run. 

A More Reliable System

Getting caught in a heat wave with no AC is never a good time. If you notice that your HVAC system is prone to breakdowns, a service contract can save you a lot of trouble. Make sure you have a routine check of your HVAC system to avoid disasters like these. 

R.A. Dobson: Professional HVAC Maintenance in Northern VA

The last thing you want is to be caught in terrible weather without a functioning HVAC system. At R.A. Dobson, you can be sure that our team of professional technicians can handle your maintenance repairs. For professional HVAC maintenance in Northern VA, you can trust R.A. Dobson and their 45 years of experience in the industry. 

Contact R.A. Dobson today to find out more about how we can help your home stay comfortable this season. Don’t forget to take advantage of our seasonal deals too!