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Heat Pump Installation Ashburn VA

How a Heat Pump Can Save You Money Throughout the Year

If you want to save money on your energy expenses, consider having a heat pump installed. Heat pumps can create a comfortable indoor climate during both summer and winter while using less energy than a traditional HVAC. In other words, a heat pump—despite “heat” appearing in its name—can warm and cool your home. Furthermore, professional heat pump installation tends to be more efficient than conventional air conditioning or heater installation, particularly in temperate climates.

The technicians at R.A. Dobson offer heat pump installation services throughout Ashburn, VA. A family-owned and operated company in our second generation, we stand behind our work with a one-year warranty on all services. Additionally, we respect manufacturer warranties. Our technicians can install, maintain, and repair the latest energy-saving heating and cooling technologies for your home. For more information, reach out through our contact page.

Below, we outline how a heat pump works, how it can save you money, and how to measure its efficiency:

How a Heat Pump Works

Heat pumps work by transferring heat from one location to another. Most air conditioners apply the same basic principle, but heat pumps perform this task more efficiently and throughout the year.

Although it seems to contradict common sense, warm air persists even when the outdoor temperature is freezing. So, even in cold weather, heat pumps extract warm air from outdoors and transfer it indoors. The process is reversed in hot weather, taking heat from inside the home and releasing it outside. Doing so keeps your indoor air cool.

Heat pumps can work with air handlers or furnaces to distribute air throughout a residence. Together, they are an efficient means of keeping your home comfortable all year long, transferring warm air through a small amount of electricity. Moreover, caring for your heat pump requires simple maintenance and switching from heating and cooling when seasons change. 

How a Heat Pump Saves You Money

A heat pump saves you money thanks to its efficiency compared to conventional HVAC systems. By transporting warm air rather than producing heat, a heat pump uses less energy than traditional systems. Furthermore, a heat pump eliminates the need for separate heating and cooling systems. For every season, you can count on this one unit.

Two different rating systems measure heat pumps’ efficiency:

  • Heating

The Heating Season Performance Factor, or HSPF, is the standard measurement of heating efficiency. It calculates the ratio of heat output to energy used throughout a season. A device with an HSPF value of 8-10 is considered efficient.

  • Cooling

A heat pump’s cooling efficiency is determined by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) system. This measurement compares cool air output vs. energy input. Law requires new units to reach a SEER rating of 13.0 or higher, though the rating can go as high as 23.0.

If you’re concerned about the efficiency of your current heat pump, we recommend replacing it with a more energy-efficient one, especially if your model is more than 10 years old.

R.A. Dobson: Expert Heat Pump Installation in Ashburn, VA

Heat Pump Installation

R.A. Dobson has been helping customers in Ashburn with heat pump installation for over 45 years. Our certified specialists can install a new, energy-efficient system in your home so your family saves money and remains comfortable all year round. Contact our team by phone at (703) 481-3700.

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4 Heat Pump Features to Look For

Heat pumps are a highly-beneficial alternative to traditional HVAC systems. They are also more versatile and efficient, providing both heating and cooling while using less energy. Heat pump technology has been improved significantly with the addition of advanced features that increase its lifespan, functionality, and efficiency even further.

With over 45 years of experience, you can be assured that R.A. Dobson’s technicians are highly-capable in efficient heat pump installation, plumbing, air conditioning repair, and more. Throughout Sterling, VA, R.A. Dobson has served thousands of customers, many of whom return for our friendly service, quality workmanship, and competitive prices. 

Here are 4 interesting features you should consider for your new heat pump installation: 

1. Variable/Dual-Speed Motors

One prominent feature among certain heat pump models are variable-speed or dual-speed motors

These are connected to the heat pump’s fans, keeping the airflow at a consistent velocity throughout the house. It ensures your home is consistently heated with fewer cool drafts and cooled with fewer waves of heat. 

Keeping your indoor spaces consistently cool or warm also ensures that your system isn’t wasting electricity. The variable/dual-speed motors will help keep your heat pump system energy-efficient. 

2. Desuperheater

Another high-efficiency feature to look for among heat pump models are those equipped with a desuperheater. It is an auxiliary heat exchange component that uses the excess heat produced by the heat pump’s system to heat water. This feature turns your heat pump into both an HVAC system and a water heater system, increasing your home’s energy efficiency. 

According to the US Department of Energy, a heat pump equipped with a desuperheater can heat water twice as efficiently than the common electric water heater installed in most homes. 

3. Two-Speed Compressors

Standard compressors that are installed with most heat pump systems only operate at their full capacity, which can end up wasting a lot of energy over time. 

However, a heat pump installed with a two-speed compressor can increase its efficiency by switching between full and reduced capacity settings, saving energy. 

A two-speed compressor will also have a longer lifespan than a standard one, since it can work at a lower capacity, reducing the amount of strain and wear it receives over time.

4. Scroll Compressor

Another improved feature to look for is a more advanced type of compressor, known as a scroll compressor, which have made heat pump systems even more efficient. This is because scroll compressors improve on the standard piston compressor by having a longer lifespan and producing much less noise when in operation. 

This is due to their improved design, which involves two spiral shaped scrolls. While one remains fixed, the other revolves around it, greatly compressing the refrigerant used for heat exchange. 

Scroll compressors come in a number variants too, each more efficient due to the greater precision they have in capacity control. The standard is the single-stage compressor, which works only at full capacity, while the two-stage and variable capacity compressors are able to switch to lower capacity settings for even greater energy-efficiency. 

R.A. Dobson: Quality Heat Pump Installation in Sterling, VA!

As mentioned in the features described above, heat pumps have advanced into becoming a worthwhile alternative to HVAC systems. At R.A. Dobson, we do our best to keep track of the latest in heating and cooling technologies. To us, our expertise in professional heat pump installation, plumbing repair, and HVAC maintenance, is all about making sure your home remains comfortable and efficient for years to come. Our high-quality workmanship and honest service has made us one of the most trusted HVAC and plumbing companies in Sterling. Contact us at (703) 481-3700 to learn more about our services and get a free estimate.