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Gas Furnace Installation Ashburn VA

Why the 58TN Infinity® 80 Gas Furnace is Right for You

Not all gas furnaces are designed equal. Indeed, manufacturers produce commercial and high-capacity models for industrial clients and parties. But the average home calls for something attuned to its square footage, climate, and other relevant factors. For homeowners in Ashburn, VA, R.A. Dobson recommends the 58TN Infinity® 80 Gas Furnace. This Carrier model offers innovative efficiency, enhanced humidity management, an exceptional warranty, and more. Best of all, R.A. Dobson offers professional gas furnace installation and set-up.

Over the past 45 years, our team has provided homeowners with reliable home services, including plumbing, HVAC, water heater, and more repairs and installations. We work with the latest energy-efficient home technologies, honor all manufacturer warranties, and offer a 1-year service warranty. Learn more and request a free estimate through our website or by calling (703) 481-3700.

Below, we delve into how and why a 58TN Infinity® 80 will suit your home:

How Standard Gas Furnaces Work

To grasp the 58TN Infinity® 80’s fantastic value, you must first understand how a standard gas furnace works. Every furnace burns fuel to warm air or water in its system and distributes that warmed substance throughout a structure’s interior using ducts. Since central air conditioning systems also distribute air across buildings, manufacturers have combined these elements into Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) units.

Natural gas and liquid propane gas are the most common fuels furnaces use, though some types operate through electricity or burning wood (What Is Natural Gas and How Is It Used in Your Home? | Redfin). Most models have a blower to direct heat throughout a structure, a process that gives us the name “forced-air furnaces.”

Over time, technology has facilitated the creation of alternative fuel-based models and high-efficiency systems. All furnaces now come with an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) score, which gives consumers an idea of individual units’ heat output and fuel consumption.

Infinity® 80: Affordable Innovation

With all this in mind, what makes this model a go-to option for Ashburn, VA, homeowners? First, the 58TN Infinity® 80 Gas Furnace offers an AFUE score of 80%, a standard level for furnaces in today’s market. High-efficiency models score between 90-95%. However, given their sophistication, high-efficiency furnaces carry a hefty price tag.

Since Virginia winters are relatively short and mild compared to those in northern climes, a standard-efficiency model should serve homeowners in the state just fine. These affordable options allow them to invest more money into a high-efficiency heat pump or AC system, which come in handy during the region’s long summers.

Furthermore, the Infinity® 80 operates quietly over decades of use. The system contains a variable-speed blower that circulates air on the lowest setting required. A sealed combustion system and insulated cabinet also protect against machine noise. Best of all, the PowerHeat™ hot surface ignition needs no pilot light, reducing gas usage.

Humidity Management, Hybrid Heat System, and Warranty

Gas Furnace Installation Ashburn VA

An Infinity® 80 gas furnace’s technology may also improve your home’s dehumidification efficacy. Incorporating an Infinity system control, humidifier, and an outdoor unit creates year-round comfort inside your home. Additionally, the Hybrid Heat system—which requires an Infinity furnace, heat pump, and system control—can switch between gas and electric heating to boost efficiency.

Finally, Infinity gas furnaces have 10-year parts and a lifetime heat exchanger warranty. As anyone who has dealt with faulty home technologies can attest, heating and HVAC system warranty coverages are critical. Coupled with R.A. Dobson’s one-year service warranty, homeowners receive excellent coverage by contacting our team for an Infinity® 80 gas furnace installation.

Receive Gas Furnace Installation Now in Ashburn, VA!

Whether you’ve decided on a model or need some advice on which to choose, reach out to R.A. Dobson for help with gas furnace installation services. Ashburn, VA, residents come to us for all their home technology needs, including HVAC, heat pump, plumbing, water heater, and more repairs and maintenance. For more information or to schedule a service appointment, call us at (703) 481-3700 or visit our website today!