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How to Save on Air Conditioning Costs

AC units can drive up your energy bills if you’re not careful, especially during the spring and summer months. To reduce these costs, try to avoid producing excess heat within your home and get regular maintenance performed on your AC system. However, you may still need to replace your outdated system with a newer, more efficient model. If you need help with an affordable air conditioning installation or maintenance service, contact RA Dobson

We are a well-established service provider that serves Loudoun County, VA. We offer repair, installation, and maintenance for not just AC systems but also other home appliances. Our technicians are seasoned and trained professionals, dedicated to ensuring you receive great service. We provide high-quality home appliances, from water heaters to dependable in-home generator systems. If you need an air conditioning service, consider us your first choice. 

Below, we discuss what you can do to help lower your AC’s energy use over time:

  1. Install a Smart Thermostat

Finally, while high in initial cost, you can easily save a great deal of money over time by installing a smart thermostat system in your home. 

These can be programmed to automatically change settings throughout the day, adjusting to different temperatures and thus adjusting the power output of your AC so that it works precisely as much as it should- no more, no less. This precision then results in less wasted energy and thus lower energy bills later on down the road. 

On top of that, smart thermostats make it so that your home is always at the most comfortable temperature throughout the day- some even have the added feature of giving each room a distinct temperature so that every inhabitant has it how they want.

  1. Lower Stove/Oven Usage

One of the best ways to save on AC costs is to lower the amount of heat that’s produced inside your home. Usually, the largest heating appliances in your home–besides your heat pump–are the stove and oven. 

These appliances not only draw a lot of electricity but also produce a considerable amount of excess heat. Although temporary, it can affect your home’s indoor temperature and force your AC to work harder.

  1. Reduce Heat

Another way to reduce the amount of heat in your home is to decrease the amount of sunlight entering your home. You can easily achieve this by keeping your window blinds closed. This prevents sunlight from filtering through and decreases your home’s temperature.

There are a variety of ways you can reduce the heat in your home but doing this can help knock off a few degrees, keeping your home cooler.

  1. Get Routine AC Maintenance

Your AC system is often in constant use and requires regular maintenance to lengthen its lifespan. Most people tend to forget about scheduling an AC tune-up until it’s too late, which ultimately costs you more in the long run.

Wear and tear may be due to build-up in your air filter, as well as clogged up evaporator coil and condenser coil—both of which collect dust and dirt from your ventilation system over time and can become less effective as a result. 

Having a professional technician perform routine HVAC inspection and maintenance during the spring and summer will ensure your HVAC system, as well as your AC, works efficiently throughout the year.   

RA Dobson: Air Conditioning Installation in Loudoun County, VA

Create an ideal environment that reduces the cost of your AC system! To improve its efficiency, along with a smart thermostat, you can also have an equally advanced air conditioning installation in your home that will work in tandem with it. Throughout Loudoun County, VA, RA Dobson has provided numerous AC installations, maintenance, and repair services to residents throughout our region. Our business can measure well over 45 years of service in Northern Virginia, and we are devoted to making sure we provide the best home appliance service possible. Contact us today at (703) 481-3700 to find out more about our appliances and services, and schedule an appointment with us today!