Garbage Disposal Installation Ashburn VA

What Types of Garbage Disposal are Available?

Homeowners can only guess how much gunk, goop, and slop goes down the kitchen sink drain. Such substances make garbage disposal systems a must-have for most households—at least those that want to avoid clogs. However, choosing the right home garbage disposal system can be challenging. Whether part of a general kitchen remodel or just an upgrade for your current appliance, learn the types of garbage disposal systems available. Then, schedule a garbage disposal installation appointment with the professionals.

With over 45 years of experience, R.A. Dobson is the go-to choice for homeowners looking for garbage disposal installation, single-sink or otherwise. Our team of experts can install your new system quickly and efficiently, so you have one less thing to worry about. Plus, our competitive pricing and exceptional customer service have made us a top choice for homeowners in Ashburn, VA. Call R.A. Dobson at (703) 481-3700 to schedule your home installation service today.

Below, we outline the several types of garbage disposals on the market:

Continuous-Feed Garbage Disposal

The most popular and recognizable household option, continuous-feed garbage disposal systems come with a manually engaged electric switch. The system grinds the disposed substances as long as it’s on and water is flowing. Some models offer other features like advanced grinding, splash guards, and more.

Batch-Feed Garbage Disposal

Less popular but safer than continuous-feed models, batch-feed garbage disposal systems require users to place a stopper over the drain before engaging the system. Doing so helps prevent anyone from reaching into the drain during operation. Once turned on, the system grinds the waste until it’s clear, then automatically switches off.

Septic-Assist Garbage Disposal

Septic-assist garbage disposals are ideal for homeowners that rely on a septic tank for waste management. Since septic tanks don’t process food waste completely, a septic-assist garbage disposal grinds up sink waste into small particles before the material goes to the tank. That allows the septic tank’s bacteria to break down the food it could not handle without the disposal unit.

High-Speed Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal Installation Ashburn VA

High-speed garbage disposal systems reduce the time necessary for food waste to become small enough to pass through the pipes. The grinding chamber and motor together turn the waste into fine particles. As the name suggests, high-speed systems are some of the fastest and most efficient disposal units available.

Multi-Grind Garbage Disposal

If you’re always in a hurry and need a unit that can handle most food waste, look for a multi-grind garbage disposal. These systems come with two or more grinding stages. Much like septic-assist and high-speed systems, multi-grind units reduce food waste to a greater degree than continuous-feed and batch-feed models, thus reducing the chances of clogged pipes.

Hire R.A. Dobson for New Garbage Disposal Installation in Ashburn, VA

Garbage disposals have come a long way, from simple continuous-feed units to the advanced systems we have today. That said, choosing a garbage disposal is more confusing for most homeowners. Fortunately, the plumbing experts at R.A. Dobson can help you choose the best unit for your needs and Ashburn, VA, home. To schedule your next garbage disposal installation service, just call (703) 481-3700.

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