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3 Aprilaire Model 700 Power Humidifier Installation Benefits

Ideal indoor humidity levels support proper hydration, a comfortable environment, and a moderate indoor temperature. Humidifiers improve your home’s humidity levels by adding moisture to the indoor air when it becomes too dry. Install a whole home humidifier that offers efficient technology, humidity control, and other system features. 

R.A. Dobson offers such installation services throughout Ashburn, VA. We have over 4 decades of experience and a team of certified technicians. Moreover, we offer a 1-year service warranty and honor all manufacturer warranties. Our repair, maintenance, and installation services help keep your home comfortable year-round. Contact us today at (703) 481-3700 to get a free estimate.

Below, we outline the benefits of installing the Aprilaire Model 700:

  1. Efficient Technology

The Aprilaire Model 700 Humidifier is an American-made product that uses water vapor to humidify your home. First, it distributes water evenly across a tray through gravitational force. Then, the HVAC system introduces hot, dry air to evaporate the water. The cool water vapor thus disperses throughout your home.

This system can effectively cool up to 2,800 square feet in closed-concept homes. Moreover, its 18-gallon daily capacity can humidify your home all day—even amidst high temperatures.

  1. Humidity Control
Whole Home Humidifier Ashburn, VA

The Aprilaire 700 has humidity controls to moderate the degree of moisture in the air. Such controls feature dual sensors that monitor outdoor temperatures compared to indoor relative humidity.

Once an R.A. Dobson HVAC technician sets up the system, you need not adjust anything. The humidity panels maintain 40-60% humidity, the optimal level for reducing dust mites, viruses, bacteria, and fungi in your home. This range also minimizes respiratory irritations, including allergies and asthma. 

  1. Complete System Features

When you purchase the Aprilaire 700 humidifier, you will receive everything necessary to operate it efficiently, including a built-in fan, saddle valve, and solenoid valve. It also includes a convenient digital control panel that displays the humidity level, operation status, and maintenance status. The digital panel alerts you when the system needs the water tray changed or standard maintenance service.

Whole Air Humidifier Installation in Great Falls, VA

Entrust R.A. Dobson with your whole air humidifier installation in Great Falls, VA. We offer quality products and reliable service for your heating and cooling needs. Our clients experience excellent customer service and affordable prices. Moreover, we use the latest, energy-efficient technology to give you industry-leading performance. Contact us today at (703) 481-3700 to schedule a service appointment.

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