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4 Signs of a Plumbing Emergency

The symptoms of a plumbing emergency in your home include low water pressure from faucets, a lack of hot water, and the sound of running water when no taps are open. If you notice these signs or other odd changes to your water supply or temperature, reach out to a qualified emergency plumbing service with years of experience under its belt. 

R.A. Dobson is a top plumbing and HVAC service with over 45 years of industry experience that operates in Ashburn, VA, and Northern Virginia. Our team of veteran technicians will repair your home’s most important utilities, including heating, air conditioning, electrical, and plumbing. If you notice any issues with your home’s air or water quality, contact R.A. Dobson to find out what we can do for you. 

Here, we describe 4 signs that your home has a plumbing emergency: 

  1. Low Water Pressure

Reduced water pressure from faucets is a concerning sign. However, whether it requires emergency plumbing assistance depends on the number of outlets experiencing the issue. If one faucet has low pressure, it’s likely a localized problem with the plumbing or drainage in that particular spot. 

However, if multiple faucets have lost water pressure, the issue may lie in your water main, supply line, or another major component of your home’s plumbing system. If you have several faucets with low water pressure, call a swift emergency plumbing service like R.A. Dobson.

  1. Standing Water

The appearance of standing water is another problematic sign for your home’s water system. Puddles often indicate a serious leak coming from either appliances—dishwasher, refrigerator, sink, etc.—or a portion of your home’s plumbing. 

If unaddressed, standing water can cause not just severe damage but also the growth of dangerous mold and bacteria. These, in turn, bring health and safety concerns into your home. 

If you see standing water and cannot identify its source, talk to an emergency plumbing specialist from R.A. Dobson. We can solve the issue and ensure your home is free of any potential plumbing issues. 

  1. No Warm Water
Emergency Plumbing Ashburn VA

A lack of warm water can also indicate a major issue with your water system. For instance, it may be a sign that your water heater system is malfunctioning. On the other hand, if it occurs suddenly, then the issue may lie in your water heater tank. Cold water in your tank gets distributed throughout your home.

If your water has grown cold over time, your water heater tank may have a leak, which would spill the hot water rather than distribute it throughout your home. Call R.A. Dobson when you need a plumber to help with emergency plumbing repairs and maintenance. 

  1. Running Water Sounds

The sound of running water when no of your faucets are open constitutes a sure sign of a plumbing emergency. The most likely culprit is a burst water pipe somewhere within your home—a consistent winter plumbing issue for many homes. 

A burst pipe must be taken care of immediately by an emergency plumbing professional to prevent water damage to your house. If left unaddressed, it can increase the cost of your water bills due to the overwhelming amount of leakage. 

R.A. Dobson: Reliable Emergency Plumbing in Ashburn, VA

R.A. Dobson is a top plumbing and HVAC service company operating in Ashburn, VA, that serves home and business owners throughout Northern Virginia. Our technicians have sharpened their skills throughout our 45 years in the industry. We not only perform high-quality emergency plumbing services but also install and repair heating, cooling, and more systems. Contact us today at (703) 481-3700 and find out how we can help you maintain your home’s utilities.

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