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When Should You Replace Your Furnace?

Over the years, we start to recognize the “character” of our homes. It might include the most comfortable spots to sit and work or the adjustments needed for its layout and setup. Perhaps unconsciously, we also find its warm and cool spots: the best places to spend cold nights and which rooms always seem chilly. 

However, your home’s temperature patterns illustrate the state of its heating system. If the temperature shifts from room to room, or if you constantly adjust the thermostat, your home’s furnace may need replacement. In that case, reach out to R.A. Dobson, Northern Virginia’s top service company. Our team provides professional furnace repair and installation, HVAC maintenance, and plumbing repairs. And our customers rave about our heating and cooling services to boot. 

Below, we review some common furnace issues that call for maintenance or replacement: 

Basic Furnace Care

Along with boilers, furnaces are the most common kind of home heating system. To warm its home, a furnace blows heated air through ductwork and raises the overall temperature to the thermostat’s setting. Manufacturers rate every furnace’s ability via the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) scale. 

Homeowners should replace their furnaces every twenty to thirty years. But, unless you built your own, you probably moved into a home that already had a furnace. Thus, you’ll have to find its user manual or look up its serial number to determine its age. 

If you need a new heating system, consider the variety of options on the market. For instance, our team recommends that you consider the benefits of heat pumps. Nevertheless, you can determine if you need a new heating system by watching for certain furnace problems.

Warning Signs

Your furnace may exhibit some obvious symptoms of breakdown. For example, its motor could bang, squeal, or buzz loudly as it weakens and falls apart. Likewise, visible signs of corrosion (including broken or rusted parts) speak to a need for maintenance. 

A defective furnace may also affect the conditions in your home. Noticeable temperature changes between rooms suggest that it struggles to heat them evenly. Also, if you constantly adjust your thermostat’s level, your system may struggle to maintain a steady temperature. 

Finally, a furnace that needs constant repairs may be at the end of its usefulness. If that describes yours, you should determine its age and whether it’s worth repairing. And, though seemingly unrelated, a dramatic rise in your energy bills without a change in your heat’s settings can signal a loss of efficiency.

Fixes & Replacements

If you believe that your heating is defective, request an R.A. Dobson service call before ordering a new system. Replacing a part – such as an air filter or thermostat – may fix the problem(s). Likewise, check our winter furnace checklist to ensure that your system is running correctly.

Keep in mind that newer-model furnaces can save significant money. High-efficiency furnaces have AFUE ratings between 90% and 98.5% – quite an upgrade from the 56-70% of old systems. Although it may be expensive upfront, a high-efficiency system could recoup its cost over a few years. 

Given the investment a furnace requires, you should ask R.A. Dobson for an estimate before installation. Happily, we provide free estimates for such service, and we’re currently offering a coupon for furnace installation on our website. 

Reliable and Affordable Furnace Repair Services in Northern Virginia

Whether you’re unsure or certain that your furnace needs replacement, our team at R.A. Dobson can help. We can inspect your system and then fix or replace it for you. Northern Virginia communities trust our professional furnace repair and installation, plumbing work, HVAC maintenance, and other services. Call us today at (703) 481-3700 or fill out our online form for a free estimate.

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