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6 Things that Cause Plumbing Issues

If there’s an area in your home that you don’t want broken or defunct, it’s most likely a part of the plumbing. We rely on its easy and unobstructed service, yet never really consider the importance of its upkeep. More often than not, we forget it so much that many of the issues that arise from it were almost entirely avoidable.

When you’re in need of an expert plumber, call on a technician from RA Dobson. We have over forty years of experience in furnace installation, air conditioning repair, and effective emergency plumbing for residents and businesses in Loudoun County and throughout Northern Virginia. Our team seeks the best solution for every task and budget, ensuring the customer receives everything they need from our services. 

Below, we discuss some common causes for plumbing issues: 

Using Drain Cleaners

A clogged drain is irritating, and it may be tempting to seek the easiest solution, which would be pouring a cleaner down the drain. While it may be the quickest solution, using a drain cleaner can degrade and cause damage to your pipes. We recommend using alternatives to unclog your drains, such as a drain snake, baking soda and vinegar, or a plunger. 

Self-Caused Blockages

When it comes to major toilet clogs, a common issue we find is that someone has flushed objects other than toilet paper into the toilet. These are usually feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, paper towels, or anything that’s heavier, rougher, and less pliable even when wet. 

Once such objects have been flush once or more times, the likelihood of a severe and possibly damaging clog increases. We suggest having a wastebasket close by so that you nor anyone else will be tempted to flush any such objects down the toilet. 

Pouring Grease Down The Sink 

It may seem harmless to pour the leftover grease from your last meal down the sink, but we’d beg to differ. What happens is that grease residue will coat the sides of your pipe, hardening into leftover fat that will eventually build up around your pipes, causing potential blockages in the future. 

Instead, perform the same process but away from your pipes. Get a safe container, pour the grease in, let it solidify into fat, then throw it out.

Avoiding Replacements

This is one simple reason why plumbing issues often happen. Whether you live in an older home or a relatively new one, replacements are always crucial to ensuring your home appliances work. That not only goes for the stove or refrigerator, it also goes for the dishwasher or the washing machine. 

Professionally replacing certain components, such as the hoses, with parts made of newer, more effective materials, you’ll increase your appliance’s longevity and efficiency, keeping them working for years to come. 

Not Prepping for Winter

For homes in areas where temperatures drop below zero during the winter, the freezing weather can cause a strain on your plumbing system. Leaving your pipes to freeze often enough will result in them eventually expanding until they end up bursting. 

We recommend insulating any outlying pipes around your home, especially ones that are outside. For unheated areas, like your garage, you can also get products like heat tape and water leak alarms to ensure your home interior is safe from damage. 

R.A. Dobson: Quality Emergency Plumbing in Loudoun County, VA

Take care of your plumbing, as it’s meant to serve you through the years without any issue. However, when an issue inevitably arises, call on an expert from R.A. Dobson, who will easily mend any plumbing issues you may have. 

We provide quality replacements, installations, and responsive emergency plumbing services to residents in Loudoun County, VA, and throughout Northern Virginia. We also provide a number of additional services in heating and cooling, as well as several high-quality appliances, such as generators, air cleaners, UV lights, and more. 

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