Generator Repair Service in Sterling VA

The Importance of A Professional Generator Installation

Generators are one of the most important parts of your home that’s often overlooked, especially during preparation for major storms. When we lose electricity, a standby home generator is what powers our homes until it turns back on. However, like all other technology, generators have the potential to malfunction. If this happens, find a reliable generator installation expert to assist you right away.

Within moments of an outage, your standby generator starts up and reproduces the electrical load into the circuits of your home. There are many reasons why it’s important to have a functioning generator in your home or business such as:

  • Maintaining a comfort level on your property
  • Ensuring that all business or home processes are able to be continued
  • Helping your food in your refrigerator or freezer stay cool
  • Keeping the lights running during an outage at a sporting event or concert

At R.A. Dobson, we understand the importance of a well-functioning generator. Below are the many reasons why working together with a professional is highly recommended.

Why Hire A Professional Generator Installation Specialist?

Sufficient Emergency Power Supply

During spring thunderstorms and other harsh weather conditions, you can have peace of mind knowing that your professionally installed emergency power supply is adequately working.

Avoid Your System From Shorting Out

With a professionally installed generator, you can avoid incorrectly connecting your system, which could lead to a short. A professional has the capability to oversee this process to ensure every necessary detail is applied and your system is fully functional.

Obtain a Proper Sized Generator

Often times, when we see people install their own generators, they don’t purchase the size that they need. An over-sized generator could potentially overload, causing significant and permanent damage to your wiring and appliances. Installing a generator that’s too small will result with inadequate power supply.

Prevent Unsafe Natural Gas Generator Installation

With a professionally installed generator, you can avoid incorrectly connecting your system, which could lead to a gas leak. For anyone who isn’t professionally licensed to handle appliances connected to gas, it’s extremely unsafe, and not to mention in most cases, illegal.

Call your local generator installation specialist to handle your generator needs instead so you don’t have to worry.

Emergency Backup Sump Pumps

Having an emergency sump pump is a great option for a backup line of defense from home water damage. If it tends to rain heavily in your area, your home may be at risk without an emergency sump pump system.

R.A. Dobson: Professional Generator Installation & Repair in Sterling, VA

Power outages can last hours, days, and sometimes even weeks depending on your location. With R.A. Dobson, you can expect peace of mind with a timely repair or installation. Contact us today at (703) 481-3700 and receive $250 off generator installation. We are proud of the products and services we offer, and hope you’ll give us the opportunity to show just how easy it can be.

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