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Why Your Home’s Sewer Line is Important

All of the different plumbing lines in your home eventually connect to the main sewer line. Your kitchen sink, toilet, and shower, all flow into this same line. The main sewer line then transports the wastewater and sewage to a disposal or treatment facility. If you haven’t checked on the state of your home’s sewer line recently, you may want to ensure that it is up to date so that you avoid costly repairs down the line. 

If you discover a problem with your sewer line, or notice any symptoms occurring because of it, you should call a specialist in efficient sewer line repair immediately. For over 40 years, R. A. Dobson has provided numerous heating, plumbing, and A/C services to residents in Sterling, Virginia. Below are some of the reasons that your sewer line is important:

What is a Sewer Line

Sewer lines connect your plumbing to the sewers, which then connect to a waste treatment facility. All appliances with running water, from your dishwasher to your washing machine drains into this sewer line. Over the course of many years, especially without proper maintenance, the line can get clogged or damaged, instantly causing a disaster inside and outside your home.  

The Importance of a Sewer Line

The sewer line is the only way to transport waste to a proper facility. It allows your sewage to be disposed from your home, then treated properly and efficiently, processing the waste water into clean water that will be drinkable and safe to the environment. It is part of a significant system that is part of a greater infrastructure that keeps our neighborhoods, towns, and cities clean and safe to inhabit. Doing your part in maintaining all this can be done through ensuring that your sewer works properly.  

Repairing a Sewer Line 

If you discover that your water is rising when you flush, brown water coming from your faucets, or experience a strong stench of sewage, then it is likely that your sewer line is backed up or damaged. If not fixed properly, the blockage will lead to flooding which could cause major property damage. In these cases, the best solution is to consult with a professional drainage and sewer repairman in order to fix the problem.  

R.A. Dobson: Professional Sewer Line Repair in Sterling, Virginia

Your main sewer line is an important aspect of your home, even if you don’t know it. For any signs or damages in the future, our highly-experienced technicians at R.A. Dobson perform expert sewer line repair, HVAC installations, and many other home appliance services. They will be able to inspect and repair any and all parts of your home’s infrastructure quickly and efficiently. Contact us at (703) 982-0111 to schedule an appointment with a repairman and receive a free estimate. 

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