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How to Find a Reliable Plumber

It’s important to do your research before hiring a local plumber. No matter what type of plumbing service you need, you’ll want to be sure that you’re in the hands of experienced and reliable professionals. Hiring a professional to inspect your plumbing is highly recommended as they will have the experience and knowledge of how to detect issues before they get worse.

At R.A. Dobson, we are dedicated to making sure you are comfortable in your home by providing expert plumbing installation in Sterling as well as repairs. We utilize various approaches in our plumbing installation services, from performing preventative maintenance repairs to full-service replacement and installation for all fixtures. Below, we’ve gathered some tips to find a reliable plumber:

Determine If They’re Qualified 

Before letting any contractor work on your property, ask to see their licensure and insurance, any professional contractor should have these. If they claim that a license isn’t necessary for your state, make sure to verify this claim.

Research Prior Clients

Find out how long your plumber has been in business and ask to see some testimonials from former clients that they would be willing to share. If they do have a good reputation among their former clients, they’ll be eager to prove it with statements from past customers.

Compare Price Estimates

When researching plumbers in your area, be careful if a price estimate sounds too good to be true. Although you should consider your budget when choosing who to hire, contractors whose estimates are remarkably lower than those of their competitors may have hidden costs and fees or possibly other reasons why their prices are so low. 

Compare Time-frames

Be wary of contractors that promise to complete the project much faster than their competitors. You don’t want to hire a contractor who will draw out the project or someone who’ll rush through it and cut corners. It’s best to go with experienced and trusted contractors in the median range.

Research Past Projects

Ask your potential plumbing contractor to provide examples of their past work. If they’re hesitant to show you any examples, it may mean their work doesn’t hold true to their claims.

R.A. Dobson: Plumbing Installation Experts in Sterling, Virginia

A plumber should be someone you feel you can trust. Allow us to detect plumbing issues before they grow into major problems! At R.A. Dobson, our team has over four decades of experience serving the Northern Virginia area with professional air conditioning, heating, and plumbing installation services tailored to each customer’s needs. Rely on us to install, repair, and inspect your plumbing quickly and efficiently. 

Have peace of mind knowing your in good hands. Contact us at (703) 481-3700 to learn more about our service offerings!

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