Signs Your Home Needs A Humidifier Installation in Northern Virginia

Signs Your Home Needs A Humidifier Installation

If you are experiencing frequent colds and the flu or you live in a climate that forces you to close your windows and doors, you may need to consider getting a humidifier. Having a humidifier will improve the overall quality of your life and save you money in the long run. Humidifiers add moisture to the air to help you breathe better, have fewer colds and flu, and even prevent your home from damage.

At R.A. Dobson we have served residents of Northern Virginia for over 40 years, providing excellent humidifier installations in Northern Virginia. We install humidifiers that we trust and use in our own homes to keep our family’s nasal passages and skin from becoming dry and painful. Have peace of mind that you’ll be taken care of by our service technicians that have received the highest level of training. Here are some reasons why you should get a humidifier in your home as soon as you can:

Measuring Humidity levels

Humidity is measured by the amount of water vapor present in the air. As the temperature fluctuates, the air’s capacity to hold water changes. Having the right level of moisture in your home at all times will ensure that your home HVAC systems are working efficiently for you. While the humidity level in your home should be between 35% and 55%, with the 40-50% range as ideal, you can measure the level of humidity more effectively with a hygrometer.

Symptoms of Low Humidity

If you and your family are experiencing a lot of colds, the flu, have frequent nosebleeds, or dry skin, then that means there is a low level of moisture in the air in your home. This happens frequently during the winter months, when there is not as much natural moisture in the air. Humidifiers will help add moisture to the air in order to prevent these health issues from occurring regularly.  

Damages to Your Home

Are you noticing a lot of static electricity in your home? This may be a sign of low humidity in the air. Having too much static electricity in your home can damage your electronics. Also, if you notice damage to wood furniture, floorings, or peeling wallpaper this is a telltale sign of dry air. Dry air can cause wood to warp and create damage to your home. Having a humidifier will protect the wood within your home and save you money in the long run. Additionally, by having a humidifier in your home you will save on energy costs because the extra moisture in the air makes you feel warmer in the winter months.  

Get A Professional Humidifier Installation in Northern Virginia

It is important to have an ideal humidity level in your home to assure your family maintains good health throughout the year. Get your own home humidifier from our trusted, professional humidifier installation experts at R.A. Dobson. We offer a one-year service warranty on humidifiers so you can have peace of mind. Our staff has been trained extensively to ensure you receive expert support that will help keep you and your family cozy and healthy in your own home.

Keep your home comfortable all year long with a humidifier installation. Contact us at 703-481-3700 to schedule an appointment or to receive a free estimate today.

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