Four Common Drainage Issues in Northern VA

While drain cleaning seems like a simple task, smaller problems can hint at more serious drainage issues you may be unaware of in your own home. Major issues such as an overflowing toilet and slow-moving drains require professional plumbing services that will help you prevent further damage from being done to your home.

R.A. Dobson has over four decades of plumbing experience so you can easily trust us to give your Sterling, VA home the thorough drain cleaning service it needs. Our plumbing experts will be able to detect small and large drainage problems to make sure your plumbing system is running smoothly and efficiently. In order to help you understand what a drainage problem may look like in your home, we have provided four common drainage issues below.

Slow Drainage

In some cases, water in our sinks or bathtubs may drain slowly due to unexpected clogs from hair, mineral or grease build up. When this occurs, it reflects severe blocks in your pipes. If a slow drainage system isn’t fixed immediately, it can become an even bigger problem that grows over time. If you are unsure of how to locate the clog or its cause, it would be wise to hire a professional plumbing company to assist you in determining the blockage and the best ways to repair it.

Increased Leakage or Flooding

If you notice water puddles near and around your drains or even leakage from pipes, it may be another sign that your drain is clogged. For instance, an overflowing toilet may cause a flood in your bathroom and further damage floors and nearby furniture. With a professional plumber, you will be provided with efficient drain cleaning services that will repair the clog right away and further prevent serious water damage to your home.

Regularly Clogged Drain

If you have tried removing the main source of the drain blockage, there could be a chance that you were unable to remove it entirely each time it clogged up. Another reason why you are experiencing recurring clogs is that your drains are not being properly cleaned or that your normal household drain cleaners aren’t strong enough to eliminate the clog. It is recommended that you hire an experienced plumbing professional to completely remove the localized clog in your drain.

Foul Odor

No one wants a foul odor wafting from their drains. When your drains aren’t properly maintained and cleaned, it can lead to a horrible stench that slowly permeates throughout your entire home. Only an expert plumber can provide you with the proper guidance and plumbing experience required to solve your drain odor problem, which will inevitably save you time trying to figure out the issue on your own.

Contact R.A. Dobson in Sterling, VA for Drain Cleaning & Repairs!

If you think you have a drainage problem in your home, working with a plumber who is experienced and highly-trained will ensure you the best drain cleaning services so you don’t have to do it on your own. R.A. Dobson has been assisting homeowners around the Northern Virginia area with all of their home drainage system needs. Our experienced plumbing professionals are dedicated to helping you figure out what may be the issue with your drainage system and address it immediately to prevent worse drainage problems. Our other plumbing services include drain cleaning services, faucet installation, sewer line repairs, and much more. If you think your home is experiencing drainage problems, don’t hesitate and contact us today at (703) 481-3700!

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