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Benefits of Installing a Thermostat in Your Sterling, VA Home This Season

Are you thinking about purchasing a new thermostat? You have come to the right place! Fall is the best time of the year to have heating and cooling system work done on your home as the weather is not as extreme as summer and winter. At R.A. Dobson in Sterling, VA, we have the latest and greatest thermostats in the world so that you don’t have to worry about quality or installation. Here’s why should you have a thermostat installed this season:

More Savings

If you are concerned about saving money, installing a thermostat this season will definitely increase the amount of money you save. Since newer thermostats allow you to decrease the amount of energy used, your energy bill will decrease as well, especially before the cold temperatures of winter come. Not only does this mean more money in your wallet, but you’ll also help reduce the carbon footprint left on the planet too!

Increased Control Over Winter Before Winter Arrives

There are two broad types of thermostats: programmable and non-programmable. Programmable thermostats are becoming more common because it offers more features as technology advances. In the event that you forget to change the temperature before you leave, you can use your smartphone to control it remotely. Believe it or not, you can schedule your thermostat on a winter schedule and much more. This gives you more control over your home than ever before. Each thermostat will have varying features, so it’s important to check what thermostat features you would like for your home.

Works Virtually Everywhere

As thermostats have advanced, so have their resiliency. Whether in a large home, an apartment, or commercial building, your thermostat will work for you! Owners in apartments can save renters more money with an energy-efficient thermostat installed. Businesses can also save while adjusting to a lower temperature on weekends or times during closed business hours.

There Are Different Types of Thermostats

The autumn season is the perfect time to find the right thermostat for you. Nowadays there are a variety of programmable thermostats and it’s difficult to find the best one for your home. At R.A. Dobson, we offer several thermostat types, including some that you can control and maintain with your phone.

Upgrade Your Thermostat Today with R.A. Dobson Installation Services!

At R.A. Dobson, we can help you gain more control over your home before the winter temperatures come to Northern Virginia. With decades of thermostat installation service experience and all employees receiving the best training, there’s no way you can go wrong with R.A. Dobson. Call us today at 703-982-0111 or request an estimate here about upgrading or inquiring about a thermostat that works for you!

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