Backup Generator Installation: Stay Prepared for Hurricane Season

Atlantic hurricane season can bring on some crazy weather for people living in the Eastern United States. Hurricanes and typhoons can down trees and powerlines, leading to electricity outages that last hours or even days. In the event of a power outage, families not only experience a lot of inconvenience, they lose the certainty of safety while they wait for the storm to pass.

Fortunately, with a backup generator installation, residents of Sterling, Virginia can have their power quickly restored after an outage. With our featured Honeywell and Generac brand backup generators properly installed in your Northern Virginia home, you can breathe easy next time a big storm is headed your way.

Here are 4 important things a backup generator allows you to do while a storm passes through your area.

  1. Watch the News

During dangerous storms, news outlets work tirelessly to make sure the public knows exactly what is happening and exactly what to do. Sometimes storms get bad enough that experts will advise citizens not to leave their house, or quite the opposite—to evacuate and leave the area entirely. Losing access to television means not being able to be updated quickly and by the most credible sources. With a backup genitor installed in your Sterling, Virginia home, you will be able to stay tuned to this valuable line of communication.

  1. Charge Mobile Devices

In case of emergency, dialing “9-1-1” is the first plan of action. Because of lightning, flooding, and downed trees posing a concern during hurricanes, it is crucial that residents along the Atlantic coast keep their mobile devices turned on and available in case of emergency. Without power, cellphones can die quickly, closing an important method of communication to possible emergency services.

  1. Preserve Food

While heavy rain persists, trips to the grocery store are ill-advised. After losing power, your refrigerator and freezer quickly lose cool air and the contents inside go bad. During storms, canned foods and granola bars become your best friend, but these options only last for a limited time. To keep from running low on food options, a backup generator will keep your kitchen appliances running, so you don’t have to worry about rot or mold ruining your food supply.

  1. Use Faucets and Toilets

Some homes rely on electricity for use of running water. If you live in one of these houses, a power outage means losing the ability to flush toilets, take showers, and use the sink. Especially for families with young children or infants, this lack of hygiene can be unhealthy and uncomfortable.  A backup generator can be an amazing help, raising quality of life for these families during hurricanes and other storms.

RA Dobson Provides Generator Installation and Repair in Sterling, Virginia

Are you prepared for the next big storm? RA Dobson’s highly trained technicians are happy to offer backup generator installation and repair in Sterling, Virginia. We value customer satisfaction and will exceed your expectations for all services we provide. For a free estimate, call us today at 703-481-3700, or fill out an online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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