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Signs It’s Time for a New AC

With June about to start, Northern Virginia has seemed to prematurely kick off summer on its own, with high temperatures and humidity. Even if you are the frugal type who avoids turning on the AC as much as possible, some of the recent hot days may have tempted you to give in and flick on the AC to keep cool.

If your AC isn’t working like it used to, however, it may not provide much relief. You deserve to stay comfortable in your own home, so you should get rid of your old AC if it does not work as well. But how do you know for sure it’s time to purchase a new model? Here are a few signs you should contact R.A. Dobson for a new air conditioner:

Hot House

The most obvious sign of a malfunctioning AC unit is that your house doesn’t seem to cool down, no matter how low you set that temperature. If your house does not feel as cool as the thermostat screen indicates it should be, something is most likely wrong with your AC unit. Contact your local HVAC company for air conditioning installation in Northern Virginia.

Old Age

AC units tend to last about 15 to 25 years, and while this may seem like a long lifespan, it can sneak up very quickly. This is especially true if you bought the house from someone else and the AC has already had 10 or so years of use. Check your unit’s serial number and contact your HVAC company to learn how old your unit is. If your unit has been around for 15 years or more, we highly recommend replacing it.

Odd Operational Noises

Like with many other machines, suddenly hearing strange noises coming from an otherwise quiet air conditioner is cause for alarm. A unit that makes any loud whirring, clunking, or grinding noises is trying to tell you it’s on its last leg or has other complications. Depending on the cause of your noise, repairs may be possible, but why fix one issue, only for another to arise? Brand new air conditioner installation in Northern Virginia is the best way to ensure your system keeps running for a long time to come.

Clean Air Filter

If your AC doesn’t seem to be working well, check the filter. If it is spotless, this is a surefire sign that something else has gone wrong with your unit and should be replaced. You can try replacing the filter to see if this fixes your issue, but a clean or hardly-dirty air filter points to other complications that require your unit to be replaced.

High Energy Bills

Finally, high energy bills and a warm house definitely add up to issues with your AC unit. If your energy bills are high but your unit’s output is low, it means your unit has to work harder to produce less air, which only racks up your energy bill, increases your carbon footprint, and fails to cool your house down—a lose-lose situation.

R.A. Dobson Offers Air Conditioning Installation in Northern Virginia

Don’t spend your summer feeling hot and sweaty in your own home. Replacing your AC unit now can save you money and frustration in the dog days of July and August. R.A. Dobson offers expert air conditioner installation and repair in Northern Virginia. We offer a variety of quiet, energy-efficient models, so you can find the best fit for your needs.

Stay cool this summer with R.A. Dobson. Contact us today!

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