The Benefits of Having a Standby Generator

After the unexpected severe wind storm that took place at the beginning of this March, several Northern VA and DC metro residential and commercial buildings faced multiple power outages. Unexpected weather events like these always make us worry about the crucial source that keeps our homes running: electricity.

It’s not until these units begin to shut down, when we realize how much we rely on power and electricity and the greater importance of having these units running at all times. As weather events attack us at the most inconvenient times, you should always be prepared and ahead of the game all-year round.

At R.A. Dobson, we offer standby generators that serve as a backup power source for any home or facility. As an HVAC company in Northern VA, we understand how often unexpected extreme weather storms can make its way through this region. Our technicians are experts in helping our clients understand the benefits of a backup generator and providing excellent installation services.  Doing research before making any investment is important, so here is our list of reasons why you should install standby generator.


Benefits of a Standby Generator

  • Reliable Power Source: Protect your home by keeping the power going at all times with a generator installation in Northern VA. When serious and unexpected weathers occur, the standby generator automatically turns on and keeps the power and electricity from running out. You can rely on a backup generator to keep you out of the dark.
  • Peace of Mind: During emergency weather events that cause power outages, we tend to panic and dread waiting to see how long it will take for it to regenerate. Will it take hours? Days? Weeks? Without a backup generator, you are stuck worrying and wondering when the weather will subside and your power company will get the power back on. With a standby generator, however, you can rest easy knowing your home is already taken care of. If you work from home, you do not need to worry about being unable to work during a power outage. If children or e elderly family members are home when power outages occur, a standby generator gives you peace of mind and ensures they will remain safe.
  • Great investment: Standby generators are the number one guaranteed safety precaution any homeowner should take if they want to prepare for the unknown, making this a valuable long-term investment. Generators will also keep your electricity running efficiently during a power outage so you do not need to worry about a hefty energy bill on top of everything else.


R.A. Dobson Offers Generator Installation Services!

Be prepared for unexpected changes in weather with a standby generator. Protecting you and your family’s safety and home should be a number one priority. With a backup generator installation in Northern VA, there is no need to worry about emergency situations that take place within the area.


As a Northern VA HVAC company, we are proud to offer generator installation in Northern VA. Our technicians are fully trained and experienced with installations and have background knowledge on anything related to home appliances. Protect your home with one of our Honeywell or Generac backup generators. These are amongst the top-rated generators and establish eco-friendly protection for your home. Most typical generators are run on natural gas and are set to automatically turn on when needed.


We offer a limited $250 off installations and have 1-year service warranty on all appliances. Trust our technicians in handling the installation process and ensuring the safety of your home. It is always great to be one step ahead and prepared for unforeseen weather conditions.


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