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Why You Should Have a Generator for Winter

Generator Repair and Installation in Northern VA will keep your house safe and family warm as winter approaches.

Preparing for Northern Virginia’s upcoming winter storms often includes checking insulation, mulching the garden, and stocking up on emergency supplies for the first snow storm. There is one thing that is often overlooked: Generator Installation.

A home generator is one of those emergency supplies that can make all the difference during a blizzard. Young and senior family members depend on your home’s heating to avoid catching the flu or pneumonia. Or, maybe you or someone you know were one of the 40,000 people who lost electricity during the March 2013 snowstorm and experienced the torture of waiting a week before power was fully restored. Generator installation and repair in Northern VA by R.A. Dobson will offer convenience, warmth, and protection of your house pipes and plumping when electricity lines fail.


Reasons to Install a Generator in Northern Virginia this Winter

While a generator is useful year-round to keep the food from spoiling in an unexpected storm outage, in the winter it becomes essential to keeping you and your family from freezing inside the shelter of your own home. Unlike in the summer months, it’s much riskier to drive to a new location in search of heat and electricity with snow and other bad winter weather. Staying at home is the safest option, and generator installation in Northern VA is ideal for keeping your family and pets healthy and warm.

A power outage not only makes it hard to see, but can cause problems in your plumbing system. While some sewage systems work solely on gravity, others depend on a chamber with an electrical pump that will push waste out to the main sewer system. If the pump isn’t working for an extended period of time, the chamber can overflow up into your basement. Another flooding concern comes from water pipes that can easily freeze and burst when temperatures drop below freezing. Water damage from the sewage backup and burst pipes can add up to costly repairs.

A generator is even important when the weather warms up and snow beings to melt. The excess water from melted snow and ice can saturate your yard or leak through to your basement. Sump pumps rely on electricity to take excess water out of your home and keep your basement dry. Protecting your basement by installing a generator will save you money and time in the long run.

Lastly, a generator can offer you and your family convenience and comfort. There’s a lot to love about taking a hot shower or coming in to a hot cup of cocoa after shoveling and cleaning off piles of snow from your cars. Not to mention hot food, working toilets, and entertainment on those long, cold days waiting for the electricity to work again.

A generator installed for the variable Northern VA winters will still be there for you year-round. The sooner you select a generator and install it, the sooner you can have peace of mind and preparation for the worst winter storm.


Choose R.A. Dobson for your Generator Installation in Northern VA

R.A. Dobson is honored to keep families warm, safe, and happy during the coldest months with generator installation in Northern VA. As an authorized and experienced service and security dealer in top brands such as Generac and Honeywell, we can offer you a custom generator installation fit for your budget and needs. All Generator installations come with guaranteed 1-year warranty and quality customer service.

Don’t get caught in the dark this winter. Call us today at (703) 481-3700 for a free estimate!

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