What Are the Parts of a Gas Water Heater?

One of the many things in life we take for granted is our water heater. We usually only think about it when it leaks, stops working, or requires professional water heater repair. As soon as our shower water runs cold, we know we have to go inspect the water heater and see what went wrong. Unless you’re a trained water heater repair expert, you might know very little about how a water heater operates and how to fix it when something is wrong.

There are two main types of water heaters: electric and gas. Gas storage water heaters are the most common type of water heater in the United States. Gas water heaters have a lot of important components that all work together to bring you hot water. Understanding how your gas water heater works will not only give you a greater appreciation for it, but will also help you know how to better take care of what keeps you warm, especially during the cold Northern VA winters. Below is our quick guide to the most important parts of your gas water heater.

  • Cold Water Supply Line: This tube in your water heater tank brings cold water into the tank to be heated. There is a control valve that you can use to shut off the cold water in the event that your water heater stops working or has sprung a leak.
  • Gas Valve: This incredibly crucial part of your water heater supplies the gas that heats up the cold water. Like the cold water line, this can be shut off in case of emergency or for maintenance.
  • Gas Burner: A gas burner is the part of the water heater that heats up the water with a gas flame beneath the tank of water. This burner turns off once the water reaches a certain temperature to avoid overheating.
  • Ventilation Pipe/Flue: This pipe or tube removes combustion gasses from the gas burner and exhausts them outside of the tank.
  • Temperature/Pressure Release Valve: A water heater’s pressure valve is installed to get rid of extra pressure that builds up inside the tank. If your water heater starts to build up too much pressure, use the valve to release hot water.
  • Hot Water Outlet: Finally, the hot water outlet tube carries the heated-up water from the tank to other areas of your home like your shower and your laundry room.

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