Ashburn, VA Heat Pump Installation & Repair

To keep comfortable during the chilly days of winter, you and your family rely on excellent heating systems. If something goes wrong with your heat, however, it can not only cause some freezing interior temperatures but affect you daily routine and add extra stress to your life.

R.A. Dobson offers a variety of heating services in Ashburn, VA. We sell several models of energy-efficient, reliable heat pumps and furnaces. Trust us to keep your home comfortable year round.

Repairs or Replacements?

How do you know if you should repair or replace your heating system? You may wish to keep repairing your old system in the hopes of saving money or preventing the hassle of shopping for a new model. However, if you keep operating a malfunctioning system, most likely, it’ll simply keep breaking. This creates extra stress, money spent on repairs, and less comfort in your home.

Further, consider the money-saving qualities of having an energy efficient system. You could save up to 60% on your energy bills with new high-efficiency equipment. Even if your heat pump or furnace is only a few years old, it may already be considered outdated by today’s energy-efficiency standards.

Energy-Efficient Heat Pump Installation

Save money while enjoying the same comfort with energy-efficient heat pumps and furnaces! Heat pumps have heating efficiency ratings indicated as an HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor). In general, the higher the HSPF rating, the less electricity the unit will use to heat your home. A heat pump’s HSPF rating will range from about 7.0 to 9.5.

R.A. Dobson is proud to offer energy-efficient heat pump installation and repair, and furnace installation and repair. No matter the size of your home and your current budget, we can find the perfect model that will effectively heat your home without racking up high energy bills.

Heat Pumps Provide Both Heating and Cooling

What if both your heating and cooling could be handled with the same unit? It can. RA Dobson, Northern Virginia’s comfort experts in air conditioning and heating since 1975, will install a heat pump at your home and get you comfortable right away. Our installers and technicians receive the same training as our shop managers so that our customers always receive the highest level of service. We are a family run company that believes in the integrity of our work and the products we offer, so we are proud to honor all manufacturer warranties and further back them with our own 1-year service warranty. Contact us today and start saving money on your heating and cooling costs while enjoying the superior comfort of a quality heat pump.

Our Heat Pump Models

When you trust us for heat pump installation and repair in Ashburn, VA, you will be able to choose from a variety of affordable, energy-efficient models.

Infinity® 20 Heat Pump With Greenspeed™ Intelligence 25VNA0

Infinity® 20 Heat Pump With Greenspeed™ Intelligence 25VNA0

The Infinity series heat pump with Greenspeed™ intelligence is the first of its kind. No other ducted, air source heat pump can beat its 13 HSPF rating for heating efficiency. This allows the system to operate longer at steadier, lower capacities, which ensures incredible energy efficiency and quiet operation with tighter temperature control than standard systems.

Infinity® 19 Heat Pump 25HNB9

Infinity® 19 Heat Pump 25HNB9

Infinity series products represent the pinnacle of our communicating technology. In a heat pump, this advanced system enables some of the best comfort features and energy saving advancements. With the Infinity 19 heat pump you can enjoy two-stage compressor comfort, exceptional cooling and heating efficiency and, when paired appropriately with the Infinity control, greater energy savings and convenient system management features.

Performance™ 15 Heat Pump 25HCC5

Performance™ 15 Heat Pump 25HCC5

Performance series heat pumps offer that perfect balance between budget limits you may have today and your desire for long-term energy savings. The 25HCC5 boasts cooling efficiencies of up to 15.3 SEER. And, like other Carrier® heat pumps, it’s designed to be Hybrid Heat® system compatible to help you save on heating costs in winter too.

Comfort™ 14 Heat Pump 25HCE4

Comfort™ 14 Heat Pump 25HCE4

Comfort series heat pumps are designed simply to be reliable, efficient and affordable. As a heat pump they give you the benefit of summer cooling along with cooler season heating. Most Comfort series models are ENERGY STAR® qualified. Be sure to pair this outdoor model with the right, SEER-boosting indoor furnace or fan coil to gain the most efficiency.

Our Furnace Models

When it comes to furnace installation and repair in Ashburn, VA, we carry Carrier products to ensure your home stays comfortable and energy-efficient. Learn more about our furnace installation.

Keep Warm With Heat Pump Installation & Repair in Ashburn, VA by R.A. Dobson!

R.A. Dobson offers heat pump installation and repair in Ashburn, VA to meet your needs. Our trusted brands and energy-efficient models will keep your home comfortable and maintaining your energy-efficiency to maintain a lower energy bill. We conduct expert repairs when needed to keep your systems running smoothly.

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