Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioner Repair Experts 

Air conditioning: the home necessity nobody wants to live without, especially in summer. When your air conditioning system isn’t working right or breaks down, it can lead to high temperatures and sleepless nights at home. Even worse, getting your AC repaired can be a painful experience, with contractors’ inflexible schedules and high repair costs. You need to choose a contractor that puts your needs first. When your AC system isn’t acting right, contact R.A. Dobson!

Get Your HVAC System Inspected for Just $62.50!

R.A. Dobson is proud to offer a $62.50 home HVAC inspection to all of our clients. If you suspect something is wrong with your air conditioning unit, it’s important to have it looked at by a professional as soon as possible.

During our thorough inspection, we will identify what’s wrong with your system and determine if we can resolve the problem with a simple repair or if you need a full replacement.

Air Conditioner Repair and Replacement

At R.A. Dobson, we believe that air conditioning repairs and replacements should be conducted quickly, accurately, and for a fair price. Life moves quickly in the Northern Virginia area, and you shouldn’t have to put your busy life on hold to deal with a malfunctioning air conditioner.

Our expert professionals know HVAC systems inside and out, and can accurately determine if you need a repair or replacement during our inspection. We will recommend the solution that works for your budget and ensures you have an efficient air conditioning system in place. Often, replacing your older air conditioning unit with a new, high-efficiency system will save you money and frustration down the road. We carry a wide variety of air conditioner brands and models and can help you choose the right one that will keep you and your family cool all summer long.

Once we determine which option is right for you, we will schedule your repair or replacement for a date and time that fits into your schedule.

Why Hire R.A. Dobson?

  • Our entry-level employees receive as much training as managers at our shops.
  • Second generation family business.
  • Decades of experience – since 1975.
  • 1-year service warranty.
  • We honor ALL manufacturer warranties.
  • We offer the latest in energy efficient heating and AC technology.

Don’t suffer through another hot summer day without AC! Contact R.A. Dobson at (703) 481-3700 to schedule your $62.50 HVAC inspection today!